Fat Thursday at the Carnival of Venice between news and traditions

Fun and tradition, but also novelty and a touch of “lunar” madness this year for Carnival 2019 with the theme “Blame the moon”. It will be a Thursday full of fat appointments, which will have its focus in the early afternoon with the inevitable choreographic evocation of the Ballad of the Masks with the Cut of the Head of the Bull, organized by the Company L’Arte dei Mascareri.

VENEZIA 08/02/18 – tagòliio della testa del toro in piazza san marco
©Marco Sabadin/Vision

Today, Thursday, February 28th, the “space” stage of St. Mark’s Square will come back to life again from 11:00 a.m.: the last parades of the competition La Maschera più bella del Firmamento (The most beautiful mask of the Firmament) will start with its selection for the finals of March 3rd. Participants will compete with shots of costumes, masks and wigs.

At 2.30 p.m. the Carnival Marys return to the stage waiting for the most awaited event of the day: the Company L’Arte dei Mascareri organizes the Ballad of the Masks where it is resumed and re-interpreted the ancient anecdote on the day of Fat Thursday of the year 1162, which celebrated the victory of Doge Vitale Michiel II over the Patriarch Ulrico of Aquileia with the 12 rebel Feudal lords. In memory of the attempted insurrection suffocated in the blood, every year the Patriarch’s successors had to send a bull, 12 loaves and 12 well-fed pigs as a gift and compensation to the incumbent Doge. The toro-Patriarch with the 12 Pigs-Feudatories were put to the mockery of the public square with a ritual that provided at its peak the spectacular cut of the head of the bull, hence the all-Venetian saying “Tagiar la testa al toro” which means to close the matter permanently, synonymous with a quick solution, dry though painful. The animals were then slaughtered and cooked and their meat distributed during the banquets between the nobles, the clergy, the people and the prisoners. The meeting is set at 15.00 in Campo San Giacometto;
3.30 p.m. the departure of the procession, guests le Marie, with itinerary Campo S. Bortolomeo, Campo S. Luca, Campo S. Angelo, Campo S. Stefano, Campo S. Maurizio, via XXII Marzo. At 16.30 arrival in St. Mark’s Square with a great final show.

After Taglio testa del Toro the afternoon and evening musical appointments follow in collaboration with Red Bull: at 17.30 the Street Band Funkasin and at 17.45 the dj-set with Raphael Delaghetto and his Latin/Reggaeton sounds while at 19.30 you will hear the live music of Slick Steve & The Gangsters, crossroads between vintage and modern sounds, Swing, Rock’n Roll.

Thursday Grasso’s events in the historic centre are not limited to the Marcian area. And in the evening at Ca’ Vendramin Calergi the Lunatic Dinner Ball, the official party of Carnival 2019, with the master of ceremony Prince Maurice, will resume.

Carneval de Casteo
Fat Thursday in Via Garibaldi in Castello there will be a parade of costumes dedicated to children, created by the schools Materna Sant’Elena, Nido Ciliegio and Primaria G. Gozzi. From 14 to 19, always in Via Garibaldi, games for children and teenagers with inflatable slide and jump trampoline by the merchants in Via Garibaldi with the collaboration of Ascom Venice. At 16.00 on stage entertainment and entertainment for young and old with Mamastè.
At 5 pm at the Giorgione Restaurant “Risi e Bisi” music and stories by Lucio Bisutto. And at 6 pm “Rock Blues Latino”.

Carnival of Burano
From 15 to 22, until Shrove Tuesday, on the island of Burano continue the moments of musical entertainment with DJs, parades and animations for children, concerts, parades of masked groups and floats between typical sweets and pancakes offered daily.

Carnival in San Giacomo dall’Orio
From 17:30 party with carnival music in the field.

Carnival in Rialto
From 18:00 Music with the group “House & Swing”.

Hard Rock Carnival Nights
From 20:30 to 23:30 at the Hard Rock Café in Bacino Orseolo in San Marco live music with Bruno Belissimo and dj set from 22.30 with dj Christian Effe (disco music).

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