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Beard yes, beard no?

Beard yes, beard no? This is the most common question about the spring 2019 look. A bizarre question, given that a man can never completely get rid of his beard, at most he can decide what style to give it, whether to take it with care to frame the face or totally shaved, style “clean face” like a good boy.
If the Wall Street Journal recently sanctioned the end of lumbersexual – those men with a lumberjack look even in the office – it is equally true that the shades of beard are endless and, for those who have decided to abandon his very long beard, there are many other options more tidy and fascinating.

Of course, and Bullfrog knows it well, chiseling also means dedicating even more care to the beard with the awareness of how a careful grooming is essential to give it a perfect look to the face.
For those who are more fond of full beards, in 2019 the lengths will tend to be shortened, shaded in the area of the neck and the sideburns and more defined on the edges of the cheeks. Therefore, not only the use of a brush and scissors should be rediscovered, but also that of the razor, in particular the safety razor, such as the Bullfrog Safety Razor in chromed metal with a double “closed” edge which, having only one blade, allows the boundaries on the cheeks and under the neck to be precisely defined. To facilitate the work, it is advisable to use the Bullfrog Invisible Shaving Gel, a dense and lubricating treatment for the blade, which facilitates the shaving of the edges while maintaining complete visibility of the area to be shaved according to clear and precise lines.


Those who want to rely mainly on electric shavers will appreciate the return of the 3-day beard and in general the shorter beards of 1cm. It is a style that is enhanced through the fusion of the length of the beard and the nuance of the hair, a detail of great effect reserved for the most attentive to their look. It easily adapts to different types of men, but has always been preferred by young people because it combines maturity and freshness. The frequent use of the electric razor, however, tends to dry the skin, which must be constantly hydrated, not only in the area of the beard but throughout the face. Ideal, therefore, is the use of Bullfrog Multifunction Agnostic Conditioner, a light emulsion designed to moisturize both the hair of the beard and the skin.

Those who have really decided to cut it can rediscover the pleasure of daily shaving. A completely clean face is now more surprising than a rough face, but it requires almost maniacal care and ad hoc products. This is why the ritual for a perfect shave is enriched with Bullfrog Multifunction Beard Oil, perfect as a gesture of pre-shaving protection, while the soft brush wrap cream Secret Potion No.3 Bullfrog creates a rich and full-bodied foam that envelops the skin softening the beard, preparing it for an accurate and deep shave that leaves the skin pleasantly fresh, smooth and soft. Finally, for those who also want to treat themselves to the ancient gesture of aftershave, Agnostic Aftershave Lotion: thanks to the secret formula of the barbers Bullfrog, soothing and refreshing, the work of a shaving to perfection will be completed

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