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Shaon Horef, Jerusalem Culture Festival kicks off

This time of year is particularly suitable for making a stay in Jerusalem extraordinary. Beginning with the places of the Spirit that at the very beginning of the year contemplates the week for the unity of Christians held until January 27.  In all the most important and significant places for Christianity, from the Holy Sepulchre to the small Church located near the door of Jaffo dedicated to the Annunciation, the bells of the city will ring out to celebrate the most important ecumenical event of Christianity.








Archaeology lovers, on the other hand, will be particularly interested in Finds Gone Astray, the exhibition of the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem that collects all the historical finds stolen from 1968 to the present day and later found by the Civil Administration. The exhibition consists of a vast selection of 40,000 confiscated artifacts, of different shapes and sizes but united by their priceless value. Before being catalogued and exhibited, they were all restored, since on more than one occasion thieves did not show the same caution as a professional archaeologist.

The exhibitions that will animate the Eretz Museum in Tel Aviv, all dedicated to photography, are of a completely different kind. Until February 2 it will be possible to visit at the same time the two exhibitions Local Testimony and World Press Photo, both linked to the world of photojournalism. The first brings together 170 photos and 7 videos selected by a jury from over 7,000 works by 350 professional photographers, while the second, the World Press Photo, is an annual and itinerant event, born in Holland in the ’50s, which this year brings to Israel the work of the best international photojournalists, including the great shots of the New York Times and National Geographic.

The exhibition I Captured the Truth dedicated to David Rubinger, the great Israeli photojournalist who died last year, will remain open until April. In his shots Rubinger has collected all the highlights (not to mention the most dramatic) that led to the birth of the modern state of Israel. The exhibition showcases the best known works alongside the lesser known, to effectively reconstruct over fifty years of career behind the lens.

Shaon Horef, the Jerusalem Festival of Culture, animates the month of February. Every Monday evening in February, Jerusalem will host the events of Shaon Horef, the cultural festival organized by the city’s Youth Authority, now in its fifth edition. In the city centre there will be events, theatre performances, concerts, workshops and exhibitions, for a total of over 100 events dedicated to culture and entertainment.

On 1 February, the first Dead Sea Marathon arrives, the marathon in the lowest point of the world. Running on a strip of gravel surrounded by the waters of the Dead Sea, 400 meters below sea level: this is the incredible experience that will offer the first edition of the Dead Sea Marathon, scheduled for February 1, 2019. A natural evolution of Ein Gedi’s historic race, the Dead Sea Marathon will also include alternative routes to the canonical 42km: there will be a 10km race, a half marathon and the first 50km Israel Championship.

The Red Sea Winter Jazz Festival will animate the city of Eilat from 14 to 16 February 2019. Founded in 2011, the winter festival is establishing itself year after year as one of the most important musical moments in Israel. Throughout the weekend, concerts by great local and international artists will be held at the Agamim Hotel of the Isrotel chain. Among the most important names: Harold Lopez-Nussa, the Jazz band Mlynarski-Masecki and Michael Pipoquinha.


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