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Le Gabrielle Pan. The clogs that praise the beauty of the universe.

A tribute to the most authentic nature, represented in all its strength and energy. A love understood as a cult and respect for “our true home”.

The God Pan is the god of the origin of life and of life itself, the incarnation of the splendid universal machine.

Who better than the God Pan could represent what is expression of forest, pastures and hills. Pan, God feared and demonized for his appearance, was the protector of forests and shepherds with their flocks.

The LE GABRIELLE man’s clogs, with their wood and particular leather, want you to remember the hard clog, the clog that climbs and reaches the top. Always. Despite the many difficulties. Just like our step-by-step walk to reach our goal.

Like a sort of totem and symbol that accompanies our steps and our path. A pure material, free from artifices and without tricks full of vigour, vitality, determination and courage.

On the right hoof there are some musical notes. What is music? A source of inspiration. The God Pan who plays his Syringe (musical instrument) becomes in turn an instrument. An instrument that leads us to meditate, think, travel and that always accompanies us, at any time and in any place, flanking our thoughts.

When the notes reach our attention we realize how important music can be in our lives.

GABRIELLE PAN. A unique accessory that makes us unique.

The PAN collection is dedicated to aesthetes and lovers of beauty understood as a radiant creation, capable of awakening feelings of rebirth and beginning.

LE GABRIELLE PAN will make your steps a stride towards achievable projects and desires.


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