Jubilus, elevation of sharpness. The grace of the soul in neumatic singing

Italy, Tuscany – From 8 to 10 February, the Archdiocese of Siena, Colle val d’Elsa and Montalcino, together with the diocesan community of Sant’Antimo, will promote the second appointment of the Schola Cantorum Anthimi at the Abbey with a three-day seminar directed by Livio Picotti, entitled “Jubilus, elevation of acuity – The grace of the soul in neumatic singing”.

The dynamic variations corresponding to the different intensity that Gregorian chant assumes in the various liturgical moments find their expressive sign in the expansion of Gregorian neumes. For example, the dual notation of St. Gallen and Methensis neumatics (found in the Graduale Triplex) gives flexibility and freedom to the performance, which is not imprisoned in metronomic rigor, but not even in semiological rigor. The freedom of the resulting sign, rich in nuances unimaginable in subsequent and contemporary musical notation, is therefore far from wanting to create a rigid and predetermined performance system, but simply reminds the performer of the deep, living, vibrant and pulsating nature of the sound from which it comes and the image of divine nature that it reflects. The seminar will deepen the techniques of singing through sensory work and perception, addressing different issues: listening, balance, breathing, movement, resonances, harmonics.

Participants who do not know how to read square music on 4 lines, guided by the communicative power of the symbols of neumatic writing, will go “by ear” as in the best musical environments of the Middle Ages and can also learn the songs.

The course will begin on the afternoon of February 8 and will end with the participation in the Sunday Mass celebrated in Gregorian chant. For those who wish it is possible to stay at the guesthouse of Castelnuovo dell’Abate for the entire duration of the seminar.

To participate you must book by writing an email to livioantimo@gmail.com or by calling +39 329 2175896

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