The gala dinner at the premiere of Daniel Canzian’s Scala 2018

Daniel Canzian, chef and owner of the Daniel Restaurant in Milan for five years, is the chef appointed by Caffè Scala to create the menu for the 500 guests of the traditional Gala dinner that will follow the opening show of the season 2018/2019.

Milan – Inspired by the history of “Attila” and its author, Daniel Canzian has applied to the menu the same philosophy on which all his cooking is based: after a careful study of the territory and of the raw materials, of the flavours, of the cultural influences, with an attentive eye to the art he loves so much, he has identified some essential traits to design a geographical-culinary path choosing seasonal ingredients and traditional preparations to update, interpret and propose with the essentiality and lightness that distinguish it.

The dishes have been designed on the basis of three main elements of inspiration. Two of them directly concern the work and the two geographical routes it has within: on the one hand, the Adriatic, which goes from the Ottoman area from which the leader came to the Friulian lands of Aquileia, the scene of the prologue of the opera, with the sweet-and-sour flavors that recur in the menu; on the other hand, Rome and Lazio, where the rest of the drama takes place, with flavors that become tastier, Mediterranean.
The third inspiring element is, finally, Giuseppe Verdi himself, to whom are dedicated the references to the gastronomic tradition of Parma and the Milanese risotto, much loved by him, enriched with the special touch of the chef.

Daniel Canzian’s tribute is therefore the result of a reflection and an all-round analysis of the lyrical drama: “I wanted to think of the menu as a series of gustatory sensations capable of telling the story of the work and its author even at the table”, explains Daniel. “Of course, the dramatic suggestion from which the story is born and the scenic sequence have played a large part in the selection of ingredients and cooking methods that I have chosen to propose, but I have not failed to “mention” the spirit of Verdi. His style is therefore recalled by the simplicity of the dishes and their cleanliness: Verdi was not a cook, but a great gourmet, with an excellent palate able to distinguish the quality of the ingredients and the fullness of flavors. A lover of good food to whose work I decided to pay tribute both with dishes inspired by the places where the drama “Attila” is set and with an eye to the land of origin of the famous composer and his passion: saffron risotto. There could be no better occasion to remember that Giuseppe Verdi has done a great deal for Italian gastronomy, taking its secrets with him on his every trip around the world. For example, we know that it was he who meticulously transmitted the recipe for Milanese risotto to Camille Du Locle, impresario de l’Opéra Comique in Paris, and then to the French”.

The Menu


Broccoletti, purple cabbage and apple mousse
Toc’ in braide friulano
Panzerotto alla romana with cacio and pepper
Anolino alla parmigiana in onion broth

Risotto with saffron stigmas
and flakes of panettone

Veal cheek in Italian sauce
with quinces and pomegranates

Chocolate ball with hot exotic fruit sauce
Amedei Meditation Pralines


Bellavista Franciacorta La Scala Theatre

Brut 2013

Petra Toscana red Petra 2014

Bellavista Franciacorta Nectar Demi Sec

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