The world’s largest artistic panettone

Milan enters the Guinness Book of Records: the world’s largest Artistic Panettone is signed by the Chocolate Academy Center Milan led by Davide Comaschi


Milan – On December 16 in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele at 5 p.m., during the long-awaited appointment of the Christmas greetings of the City of Milan, the team of the Chocolate Academty Center led by the maître chocolatier world champion Davide Comaschi has ventured into a big challenge dedicated to the typical Christmas cake, gastronomic symbol of Milan in the world: the panettone.

The chocolate version proposed by the Academy surprised the Milanese public both for its size, weighing 332.20 kg, with a diameter of 115 cm and a height of 150 cm, and for the design of the decorations and the delicious taste of the dough and filling.

In front of a large crowd that filled the glittering Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and under the watchful eye of the delegation of the World Guinness Record convened to attest to the extraordinary feat, was revealed the largest artistic panettone in the world. The event is organized by the City of Milan in collaboration with Confcommercio Milano, Fiera Milano, which took care of the installation, the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, APA Confartigianato Milano and Unione Artigiani della Provincia di Milano.

The record was reached after one hundred hours of processing, with a team of six pastry professionals who used 49,500 gr flour, 37,800 gr butter, 25,200 gr sugar, 25,000 gr dark chocolate, 22,500 gr raisins, 22,500 gr candied orange, 22.500 gr water, 18,000 gr yolks, 15,000 gr cream, 7,000 gr precious Ruby chocolate – the chocolate naturally pink, 5,100 gr honey, 2,000 gr white chocolate, 810 gr salt, 540 gr natural orange aroma, 360 gr natural lemon aroma, 225 gr vanilla.

An extraordinary work that puts the typical Milanese dessert at the centre of the world, in its artistic version, with decorations that recall the Milan skyline and applications of #RosaMilano, the praline that Davide Comaschi has created for the city.

“With the City of Milan and the Councillor Roberta Guaineri the agreement with the team of Chocolate Academy Center was created immediately with the development of a series of large-scale projects – says Davide Comaschi- was an immense teamwork thanks to Dr. Isabella Menichini of the City of Milan and his staff and friends of Confcommercio. Challenges of this caliber are overcome only when each person involved gives the group 100%, in this case we have also given much more to ensure that Milan is confirmed as a city of fashion, design and also food, but especially chocolate”.

This year Ruby Chocolate is also the protagonist of another important initiative, the fundraising campaign called Milano diventa Rosa, promoted by the Chocolate Academy Center Milano, in favour of LILT Milano, in collaboration with the Ambassadors of Il Cioccolato Buono, a team of illustrious chefs, pastry chefs, mixologists and food and wine professionals of the calibre of: Davide Oldani, Enrico Cerea, Sara Preceruti, Loretta Fanella, Luigi Biasetto, Federica Russo, Fabrizio Galla, Matteo Cunsolo and Cristian Lodi. (

Innovation, creativity and social commitment are the adjectives that best represent the Chocolate Academy Center in Milan. Born just over a year ago, and part of a network of more than 20 Chocolate Academy opened worldwide by Barry Callebaut, the leading Belgian company in the production and distribution of cocoa and chocolate, The Chocolate Academy Center led by the maître chocolatier champion of the world of chocolate, Davide Comaschi, is already the protagonist of the calendar of events of the City of Milan scheduled for Christmas.

The objective of the Chocolate Academy Center Milano is to enhance the culture of chocolate in Italy and give the Italian pastry industry a concrete support for growth, thanks to the magic of this ingredient that makes each recipe tasty and unique without forgetting the great plasticity of the product that allows artistic achievements of great impact.

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