The first edition of the World Forum on Urban Forests kicks off

Italy – From 28 November to 1 December 2018 Mantua will host the 1st World Forum on Urban Forests sponsored by FAO, organized by the City of Mantua, the Polytechnic of Milan and SISEF, curated by an international scientific committee of experts headed by the urban architect Stefano Boeri and Cecil Konijnendijk of the University of British Columbia.

The Forum will bring together over 400 experts from more than 50 countries around the world to discuss – for the first time all together – the importance of greening our cities. These cities occupy only 3% of the planet’s surface, but consume 70% of global energy, 80% of food and emit 75% of pollutants and greenhouse gases. In 30 years’ time, the urban population is expected to reach 54% of the total, reaching 70%. There is therefore an urgent need to reflect on urban forestation in order to create more inclusive, healthier and safer cities, to face the current environmental destruction and to return a better planet to future generations.

The World Forum on Urban Forests – anticipated on Tuesday 27 November by a day dedicated to young people – will consist of conferences and discussions that will conclude with the cities forum on the importance of forward-looking urban design to make cities more resilient, where the Mantua Challenge will be launched, an international recognition program that celebrates cities that are committed to promoting a better quality of urban life in the world, and a Call for actions, a manifesto to take concrete and global urban reforestation actions.

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