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Precious accessories with unique shapes for timeless charm and style

Montegallo’s collections are born from the recovery of secrets handed down from a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship in the Marche region of the straw hat, woven and sewn by hand.

Italy – In the Marche region, wheat has always been grown and it is customary for women to weave the stems, making headgear to protect men from the sun during work.
Thanks to their skill, the hat has become not only a functional element, but also ornamental and indispensable to give elegance.
Today, the Montegallo brand is the essence of this ancient art, told through its collections for cosmopolitan, refined and ironic women, with a passion for unique and handcrafted accessories, able to evoke an authentic story.
Each model is made with precious materials such as straw, felt and 100% natural and strictly “Made in Italy” yarns.
The Icon Collection is composed of 10 continuous models, taken from the cinema
and hats worn by the great icons of style, reinterpreted according to the taste of Alice Catena, the eclectic founder of the brand.
The new features of the FW 2018/19 collection by Montegallo can be summarised with the following three distinctive features:
The Straw Winter Collection revealed by a straw model that can be customised and combined with Nordic winter accessories.
The Light Felt Collection made with “80 grams” of super light and unisex lapin. The
particularity of this model is the extreme practicality in the transport, because it can be
folded and slipped into your pocket, without losing its original shape.
The Fedora couple, dedicated to “He and She” in pure virgin wool, lapin and velour.
The predominant colours of the collection are the classic blue, black, mink and anthracite, but there are also softer and more delicate nuances such as white, antique pink and light blue powder.
The elegance of a Montegallo hat is made of simplicity, with a touch of extravagance and personality. The uniqueness of each piece is guaranteed by the possibility to customize the hat with your own initials, hand-stitched inside.

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