Le Gabrielle – handmade

Craftsmanship, tailoring, handcrafted: craftsmanship and ancient crafts are back in vogue. If on the one hand the handmade has been revalued in recent years, on the other hand it is striking the multiplication of shops and small craft businesses that have made excellence their production figure. This is the case of LE GABRIELLE, a small Lombard company created by Gabriella Sala that makes precious clogs. Not simply “objects” but vehicles of uniqueness and value.

Skill, dexterity and talent combine perfectly in the LE GABRIELLE collection of handmade clogs. Small masterpieces to underline the value and beauty of the work of true masters of art. The MORGANA model embodies all of this.

A skilled teamwork between designer, craftsman, artist and goldsmith who together devote body and soul to the realization of each piece. All different, even the right from the left to enhance individuality and give a kick to the homologation proposed as the only model of development. Fashion is admiration, curiosity, celebration of competence and – in the midst of all this – the desire to have something unique.


LE GABRIELLE wants to propose itself as a laboratory of experimentation to make known the ancient crafts and excite every time you wear your “work”.

A bold symbol for women as captivating and seductive as witches.

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