The initiative “Adopt a monument in Italy” starts from Piazza Armerina

Sicily, Piazza Armerina – The adoption of the monuments in Piazza Armerina continues on the initiative of Damiano Gallo, a well-known producer and TV presenter who has been Councillor for the heritage, historical center, media and communication of the Sicilian town for a few months.

Damiano Gallo is increasingly convinced that private sponsorship is the policy to pursue, the only way to achieve clear and immediate results. Entrepreneurs, illustrious personalities and VIPs welcomed the idea of adoption with pleasure and enthusiasm. The aim is to make this adoption project a reality in an association that “adopts a monument in Italy” with the hope that what is happening in Sicily can be replicated in the rest of Italy.

Damiano Gallo has always shown his connection to the territory, to his beloved Sicily, with cultural activities and initiatives aimed at promoting this wonderful land: from literary tours to television shots that have recently seen Piazza Armerina as a protagonist in the spotlight.

To do so Damiano Gallo wants to involve as many friends and people as possible, careful to safeguard the traditions, the history of our territory, cultural heritage of priceless riches. “I intend to involve all my famous friends, because it is right that important and influential people set a good example. Everyone can sponsor and not necessarily with important figures. Anyone can contribute on the basis of their availability. I hope that this initiative can become viral.

Brothers Damiano Gallo and Fabiana Gallo are at the service of all citizens and those who want to take care of the common good.



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