Breakfast at the Museum

Florence – The “Breakfast at the Museum” events dedicated to ancient artisan techniques and aimed at adults and children from 10 years of age are back. For the second consecutive year, the Museo Galileo has decided to give voice to the artisan activities of the territory, in order to recover the memory and highlight the precious manual skills.

From 11 November to 10 March – on Sundays at 11 a.m. – the museum becomes a meeting place. After a tasty breakfast provided by the Antica Pasticceria Caffè S. Firenze, participants will attend practical demonstrations and at the end will receive a useful guide to be able to replicate independently the activities carried out.

But what does a craftsman and a scientist have in common?

In addition to specialization, the two figures share the knowledge of delicate professional secrets and the use of tools and procedures that can be considered scientific.

The aim of the cycle of events is therefore to spread knowledge to the new generations, putting a sort of magnifying glass on the scientific part, on the physical and chemical processes that lead to the production of fine artifacts: the materials and processing techniques of the Florentine clerk by the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, the demonstration of the different gilding techniques and the history of the beater, the secrets of the wigs from the eighteenth century to the present day, the magic of the photographic image generated by the cyanotype, and much more.


Sunday at 11.00 a.m.

11 November 2018 Weft and warp. Mathematics of the frame
November 18, 2018 A blue world. Cyanotype technique
25 November 2018 The precious appearance of the spotting scopes. Laboratory of Florentine paper
2 December 2018 Wigs and makeup: the mirror of an era
9 December 2018 Drawing with the darkroom
13 January 2019 Sundials and sundials: In search of True Time
20 January 2019 Alchemy of colours. The art of scagliola
27 January 2019 Stone Painting. The ancient art of the Florentine salesman
3 February 2019 Lining and polishing. The secrets of the cabinetmaker
10 February 2019 Art and science of gilding
17 February 2019 The portrait of his great-grandfather. Photography with wet collodion
24 February 2019 The time machine. Watches between wheels and springs
March 3, 2019 Glass for the stars. Lenses and telescopes in the seventeenth century
10 March 2019 The internal combustion engine: the new driving force of the 19th century


Tel. 055 265311;

Monday-Friday 9.00-18.00; Saturday 9.00-13.00

Costs € 3,00 + entrance ticket


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