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At the Grand Ball of the Venaria Reale with red shoes

From Nave Vespucci to the Reggia della Venaria Reale in Turin. The xxiv edition of the event “Vienna on the lake” starts


Italy – On board the “most beautiful ship in the world”, the Amerigo Vespucci of the Italian Navy, on the occasion of the record edition of the Barcolana’50 in Trieste, the XXIV edition of “Vienna sul Lago” was presented, an event born in 1993, which combines education, culture and solidarity.
It is significant that the start of the event in 2018 started from a ship of the Navy, which for several years participates as a partner in the event with the students of the Naval Academy of Livorno engaged in various educational and cultural activities, in a path that aims to know and enhance the different historical, cultural, scientific and military excellence of the territory.
In fact, as part of the event, the official students will follow an intense program, consisting of visits to museums and exhibitions of ancient and contemporary art, meetings with local authorities and conferences on security and defense issues. Finally, a significant moment will be the deposition of laurel wreaths to the monuments of the “Fallen of Nassirya” and “The Sailors of Italy” of Novara. All activities will be a personal and professional all-round enrichment for young students.
On Sunday, November 04, thirty girls from all over Italy and abroad arrived – as usual – at the Naval Academy of Livorno for the first meeting with the Aspiring Ensign, their Knights in the charity evening, which is the culmination of the entire event, called “The Grand Ball of the Venaria Reale”, scheduled on November 10 in the beautiful Royal Palace of the Venaria Reale in Turin. Thirty debutants and their riders, Official Students of the Naval Academy, who on the notes of the Youth Orchestra of Vicenza, will advance in the beautiful Great Gallery among the excitement of those present.
The beneficiary of the fundraiser of the evening will be the Order of Malta’s Italian Emergency Corps, which for years has been at the forefront of the great and dramatic natural emergencies of our country, but also in the daily life with its health rescue service and assistance to the disadvantaged strata of the population.
The event, for this XXIV edition, will focus on the awareness campaign against violence against women with the support of the project “red shoes”. The young “Deb”, women of tomorrow, for the charity evening will wear, under the clothes made by the international designer Carlo Pignatelli, just the “red shoes” to support the message of the project “Zapatos Rojos” launched for the first time in 2009 in Ciudad Juárez, the border town in northern Mexico where the term “feminicide” was born.
In addition, in this edition, the Organizing Committee wanted to pay tribute to Gen. Delio Costanzo, one of the founders of the event, giving him an award that honours Women, Men and Institutions who, through their work in individual professional fields have done an important service to the country.
Thanks to its objectives and social projects, the event “Vienna sul Lago” has received numerous and prestigious awards from the Presidency of the Italian Republic and the Presidency of the Austrian Republic and over the years has enjoyed the patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Piedmont Region, the Embassies of Austria at the Quirinal and the Holy See and the City of Vienna.
At the “Gran Ballo della Venaria Reale” it will see the participation of numerous personalities from the world of culture, institutions and entertainment, putting their professionalism and art at the service of solidarity. Among the guests who have given great prestige to the evening in these 24 years, include the most aristocratic and important names and among the illustrious people, confirmed its presence the actress, host and entrepreneur Marina Castelnuovo, famous official double of Liz Taylor, internationally known as an exponent of the golden world Hollywood, accompanied by P.R. Lisa Bernardini, and President of the Cultural Association Eye of Art. For the occasion, Marina Castelnuovo donated, as first prize of the Charity Lottery, a Swarovski set of her collection “MC Collection”, made by De Liguoro, inspired by the beautiful jewelry of Liz Taylor. The jewels have been made famous by the great myth that has worn them in international social events.


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