88th International White Truffle Fair of Alba

From October 6 to November 25, 2018 will be held the historic International Fair of White Truffle of Alba, one of the main windows of haute cuisine and Italian excellence.

Every Saturday and Sunday in October and November, the Alba White Truffle Market in Alba hosts the Alba Truffle Show, a large container of cultural and gastronomic events that celebrate the white gold of the Langhe in all its nuances. Every weekend of the fair will alternate national and international chefs, local chefs, designers, writers and artists who share a passion for truffles, the culture of good food and good taste.

Truffles are perfume, poetry, mystery, but also cuisine of a “stellar” level and status symbols of timeless charm.

The white truffle of Alba grows spontaneously, in symbiosis with specific trees or shrubs. These areas are characterized by an extremely delicate ecological balance, to which it is necessary to devote attention and agronomic care. It is harvested from late summer, throughout the autumn, until the beginning of winter. It is an absolutely spontaneous fungus: to date there are no cultivation techniques.

The truffle is a fruiting body of mushrooms belonging to the genus Tuber that performs its entire life cycle underground (hypogeum) and must necessarily live in symbiosis with tree plants to produce the precious sporocarp. The external wall called peridium can be smooth or sculpted and of variable colour from light to dark. While the internal mass called gleba, is of variable colour from white to black, from pink to brown, it is crossed by more or less wide and branched veins that delimit the alveoli in which are immersed large cells (the axes) containing the spores. The morphological characteristics of the peridium, the gleba, the ashes and the spores, added to the size and the organoleptic characteristics, allow the identification of the species of truffle.

The value of truffles is not proportional to their food intake but to their enormous capacity to produce pleasure for the consumer, an inexplicable alchemy.

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