The 20 most beautiful countries in Italy in 2018

Italy is dotted with countries that are jewels to be discovered. Skyscanner, like every year, has decided to elect the 20 most beautiful countries in Italy: small villages, castles and cities with unique landscapes and traditions still alive, and all to live. The wait is over and we can finally tell you who has won: here is the list* of the 20 most beautiful countries in Italy for 2018.

There are many beautiful countries in Italy: each region is unique and special, and each of these 20 countries is even more so. Discover with us the magic of these little Italian jewels and stock up on beauty. And then… Let us know which is your favorite Italian country, or tell us which ones you think are missing in this list of the 20 most beautiful towns, leaving a comment at the bottom of this article. Some of the most beautiful countries that you recommended last year we elected them to the most beautiful in Italy for 2018

1. Avise (AO) – Aosta Valley
If the Aosta Valley is a land of distant traditions and ancient manors, the small town of Avise, with its three castles (Cré, Blonay and Avise in fact), is one of its brightest pearls. This is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and has its roots in the Middle Ages, when it was the feud of one of the oldest noble families in the whole region: the “Lords of Avise”. Historical importance and above all strategic position for this town a few kilometres from Courmayeur, magically situated close to the Pierre Taillée gorge, once an obligatory passage to Gaul. Explore its historic centre among Romanesque bell towers and crenellated towers, and before leaving, sip a good glass of Petit Rouge, the red wine produced from the area’s highly perfumed vines.

2. Canelli (AT) – Piedmont
In the province of Asti there is a beautiful village where wine has been and still is (and will always be) the lifeblood for about ten thousand inhabitants. “When the vineyard is synonymous with life”, could be the title of the Piedmontese Canelli, one of the world capitals of wine, a timeless village clinging to the hills of UNESCO World Heritage Langhe and Monferrato, designed by a generous nature and generations of tireless farmers. Go and discover the village where Carlo Gancia, the father of Italian sparkling wine, decided to open the historic winery and lose yourself in the two districts of Borgo and Villanuova, and then go underground to discover the so-called “underground cathedrals”, ie the cellars that develop as a network under the whole city, making it unique in the world.

3. Noli (SV) – Liguria
Nestled in the marvellous embrace of two other jewel-buildings, Spotorno to the north and Finale Ligure to the south, Noli is one of the most beautiful towns on the Riviera di Ponente. With a past that has seen it as the ancient center of the Ligurians first, Roman town hall, Byzantine base, then Lombard rule, and still powerful feud and seaside town with one of the most important naval fleets of Liguria, Noli has so much to tell. The town is scattered with monuments that appear among the caruggi: walk through them all and go to greet the city towers that stand between the roofs. Outside the old town, Castello Ursino dominates the city, offering a postcard with medieval charm, while at the foot of the village the absolute wonder is made of a turquoise sea and a white crescent-shaped beach.

View over the ligurian village of Noli on the Mediterranean Sea

4. Lenno (CO) – Lombardy
We are not exactly on “that branch of Lake Como”, but on the other side, where poetry is certainly not lacking. Lenno – which represents Lombardy in the list of the most beautiful countries in Italy for 2018 – appears on the Costa della Tremezzina, set in a cove so beautiful that it was named after the goddess of beauty. The charm of the lake is combined with a mild climate all year round, which allowed the introduction of olive trees in Roman times, and a picturesque town that makes Lenno one of the most beautiful towns in the area, a place that you should discover during a visit to the province of Como. But the olive oil, one of the best on the market, is not the only pride of Lenno. Just think that to get here in addition to gourmets from around the world are also filmmakers, attracted by its beautiful villas on the lake: one above all the beautiful Villa del Balbianello … They know well how to turn them into exceptional sets and director George Lucas was the first to do so!

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5. Molveno (TN) – Trentino-Alto Adige
From Lake Como we move to Lake Molveno, in Trentino-Alto Adige, to introduce you to the city that takes its name and that every year attracts millions of tourists who love the sun and … especially the snow. Molveno, in fact, boasts an incredible position, with its small village nestled between the fresh waters of the lake and the snowy peaks of the beautiful Brenta Dolomites. This pure gem in a superb treasure chest, as the poet Antonio Fogazzaro loved to call it, is one of the most beautiful in the world.

6. Marostica (VI) – Veneto
While waiting for the most sensational living chess game in the world, you can taste the tastiest cherry there is or walk under its arcades or on its bridles, the walls that embrace the city. Do you understand where we are? In Marostica, a jewel of the province of Vicenza famous both for its sweet fruit brand IGP, which in May is celebrated with a large exhibition-market, and for human pedestrians in Renaissance costume that every two years, in September, animate the Giant Chessboard in Piazza Castello, for a show that will leave you breathless. Marostica deserves a trip, relaxed and curious, to discover its two Scaligeri castles, the patrol walkway, Via Mazzini with its beautiful shops and the Doglione, the ancient arsenal of the Serenissima.

Ancient tower in the main square in Marostica Town in Italy

7. Tricesimo (UD) – Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Another city of Roman origin is included in our List of the most beautiful countries in Italy for 2018, although in Tricesimo, in the province of Udine, apart from the name (which comes from Tricesimum and refers to the plaque that indicated the distance from Aquileia) of Roman has remained very little. But in the end its charm is given by its special position, at the foot of the first morainic hills formed by the glacier of the Tagliamento, and by a truly impressive castle, which has been transformed from a fortress to a sanctuary. Fans of medieval history and religious architecture will find something to suit their taste as they explore the city streets full of churches and buildings, while lovers of the Christmas atmosphere will have the opportunity to admire the most famous outdoor crib in Friuli, that of Ara

8. Torriana (RN) – Emilia-Romagna
His fortress gave him the nickname of “Scorticata”, because of the roughness of the rock spur to which he clings, the enchanting view of the sea has given him that of “balcony of Romagna” – and these things together nominated in our list of the most beautiful countries in Italy for 2018. Torriana, a hamlet of Poggio Torriana (Rn), will offer you one of the most incredible views of the entire region, welcoming you in a natural area of great charm protected as Oasis of Protection of the fauna of Torriana-Montebello. Together with the nearby village of Montebello, which sees the Colle di Saiano rise in the center, Torriana offers the lucky tourists who pass important Malatesta testimonies, including castles, ruins, towers and precious paintings. If you come to these parts during the month of July, remember the event La Collina dei Piaceri and from the top of the Rimini hills let yourself be enraptured by the delicacies of the area.

9. San Miniato (PI) – Tuscany
San Miniato is a beautiful village in the province of Pisa. We are in Tuscany, therefore, among architectural wonders, beautiful landscapes and good food, one above all the white truffle, the treasure of the San Miniato Hills, honored during the National Market Exhibition, which takes place every year in November and in 2018 celebrates its 48th edition. Here where in 1954 was found the largest truffle in the world (2,520 grams!), you will meet other records such as the Fortress of Frederick II, where he was imprisoned Pier delle Vigne of the Divine Comedy, or the thirteenth-century Cathedral, which will impress you for a really special “astronomical” decoration … curious?

10. Campello sul Clitunno (PG) – Umbria
A magical town suspended in time, a UNESCO World Heritage temple and a transparent spring sung by famous poets. Welcome to Campello sul Clitunno, a fortified village a handful of kilometers from Spoleto, which is rightly included in our list of the most beautiful countries in Italy. The famous Sources of Clitunno, considered sacred by the Ancient Romans, will become your place in the heart of Spoleto, for a romantic walk along the banks of a crystal clear lake inhabited by birds and plants: weeping willows and cypress poplars will show you the way to the Temple of Clitunno, included in the list of World Heritage Sites. Also the historical centre will make you fall in love, with a Castle with its walls still intact, the Church of San Donato with its wooden altar and the Monastic Complex of the Barnabites and its frescoes.

11. Ripatransone (AP) – Marche
A medieval, renaissance and baroque historic centre can be found in the delightful little village of Ripatransone in the Marche region, famous for the narrowest alley in Italy! You have read it right: between the buildings of its urban center opens a tiny alley of just 43 centimeters, a sort of loophole so small that it has not even earned a name … but certainly the wonder of all travelers who will find themselves in front of it and will try to walk through it. City of honey, oil and Orange Flag, the “viewpoint of the Piceno”, so called because of its location at the top of a hill between the rivers Menocchia and Tesino, offers incredible views and atmospheres outside of

16. San Pancrazio Salentino (BR) – Apulia
In the middle of the heel of Italy, nestled between the provinces of Brindisi, Lecce and Taranto, here comes San Pancrazio Salentino, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and Puglia. This is a real and ancient land, which finds its origins in the Messapi and produces oil and wine, in fact it is part of the National Association of Wine Cities. The tradition in the vineyard is accompanied by historical tradition, so after tasting a good glass of Negroamaro go to discover the treasures of this country starting from Piazza Umberto I, where there is the church dedicated to the patron saint of the city San Pancrazio Martire. The tour of the churches and palaces can continue throughout the morning, but then move to the countryside, to the Archaeological Park Li Castelli, a settlement dating back to the Iron Age, with a mandatory pit stop in a farm.

17. San Fele (PZ) – Basilicata
Seen from above, it offers a unique view, with the roofs of the houses that seem to form a chessboard, Mount Vulture in the background and an emerald valley all around. San Fele will be a beautiful discovery for all those travelers looking for hidden villages, natural paradises and authentic flavors, magnificent places still far from a wild tourism. In its woods there is one of the most mysterious sanctuaries in Basilicata, the Abbey of Santa Maria di Pierno, a destination for believers and pilgrims from every corner of Italy and Europe, while in the city you won’t have trouble encountering various artistic and religious treasures such as the ruins of the fortress built by Otto I of Saxony, the Church of the Annunciation and Palazzo Frascella. But here the undisputed protagonists are the forests and waterfalls “U Uattenniere”.

18. Nicotera (VV) – Calabria
In Nicotera you can experience the sea, with the golden beaches and crystal clear waters of the Coast of the Gods, you can eat well – it is no coincidence that it is the City of the Mediterranean Diet studied by the American Ancel Keys – and you can breathe nature, with the citrus groves of the Plain of Gioia Tauro, olive groves and the Mediterranean. The village of this one of the most beautiful villages in Italy looks like a pile of houses with ochre roofs clinging to a high hill overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Aeolian Islands and the Strait of Messina. The old town, easily visited on foot, hides treasures of great historical and religious value such as the Castle and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. A city that smells of Magna Graecia, this, and that speaks of ancient stories: admire the old water mills, explore the districts of Baglio and Giudecca, then descend to Nicotera Marina for a dip in the blue.

19. San Vito Lo Capo (TP) – Sicily
One of the most beautiful towns in Italy is San Vito Lo Capo, one of the most popular seaside resorts in Sicily, which attracts every summer families looking for Caribbean sea and travelers looking for excitement. Emotions that can arise from the white of its long beach town, the taste of its typical and tasty dishes such as couscous and the colors of its enveloping sunsets, perhaps to be admired from the top of the Belvedere of Macari. San Vito is not only a holiday under the sun, but also an encounter with tradition, history and art, to be found at the gates of the village with the Moorish Chapel of Santa Crescenzia, or in its old town inside its Sanctuary, or even on the coast with the lighthouse, towers and tuna traps. Before returning home from this enchanted place, don’t forget to take a look at two nearby gems: the Spiaggia del Bue Marino and the Riserva dello Zingaro.

20. Santa Maria Navarrese (NU) – Sardinia
With its white beaches like talcum powder, the bright green of the Mediterranean scrub and the rocks carved by the wind, the Ogliastra breaks the beautiful east coast of Sardinia in half, giving a kaleidoscope of colors, scents and magic. We will take you to the discovery of Santa Maria Navarrese, a hamlet of Baunei, whose origin seems to be linked to the figure of the Princess of Navarre. Legend has it that the princess, who had come here from the Spanish region of the same name and survived a terrible shipwreck, decided to thank the Virgin Mary by having a medieval church built, today a monument that is the symbol of the town. Once here, breathe in the scent of maritime pines, climb to the terrace overlooking the gulf, admire the marina and explore its surroundings, with the most beautiful beaches in Italy, such as Cala Sisine, Cala Mariolu, Cala Goloritzè and the incredible Cala Luna.

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