The autumn atmosphere of the Amaryllis

It’s time to wrap your home in the warm autumn atmosphere, synonymous with crackling fire in the fireplace, soft cushions to sink into and inviting warm blankets to wrap yourself in. Amaryllis are the finishing touch. Nature is hibernating in the garden, but the pleasant temperature inside the house is perfect for these giant bulbs. Don’t wait any longer and get your home ready for the next season.

Spectacular growth process
The Amaryllis is a large flowering bulb. When placed in a heated environment, the bulb “thinks” that it is spring and in a short time produces wonderful flowers. It’s great to see this spectacular growth process. The leaves and stems first emerge from the bulb and the first buds peep out immediately afterwards. After a couple of weeks, huge flowers develop. The most common colour is red, but amaryllis are also available in white, orange, pink and cream.


How should amaryllis be set up at home? It may sound complicated, but in reality it is not. The nutrients are contained in the bulb, so there is no need to add soil or water. The flowers will always show up in all their glory. You can place the amaryllis bulbs in a glass jar, with or without a layer of soil underneath, or simply place them on a plate. The possibilities are many, you just have to choose the one you prefer.

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