Daniè Made in Sicily presents six bags in search of an author

An exceptional author: Mother Nature. The perfection and amazement of a unique artist who creates wonderful works in a territory from the ancient dawns which is Sicily. From there come the creations Daniè Made in Sicily, “mixed” history and myth, tradition and folklore. Mixed and assembled for a breathtaking ensemble.
Here Mother Nature inspires the Maison Made in Sicily for its SICILY collection. Conca d’Oro, Grano, Sicana, Vite, Mandorlo, Fuoco.
The collection follows a lively rhythm with shades reminiscent of Sicilian colors, bringing to mind ancient legends, such as that of the Girl, combined with the expertise of hand made craftsmen who make each piece to “the sound of fingers”.
The Daniè Made in Sicily bag thus becomes a vehicle for culture and tradition. Funny and ironic, bright and colorful and especially with a lot of personality. Daniè Made in Sicily must be visible and recognizable.
To dismantle the cards every now and then is a panacea as long as you do it with grace and style.

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