In Rome, the futurist Giacomo Balla’s Bal Tic Tac re-emerges

Rome – One of the masterpieces of Italian Futurism now considered lost, re-emerges from the premises of the Bank of Italy of Rome, in Via Milano, under a curtain wall of later times. 80 square meters of paintings by Giacomo Balla (1871-1958) that decorated the walls of the Bal Tic Tac, the Roman cabaret symbol of Futurism where in the 20’s every expression of art was experimented and jazz was played.

The tempera mural with its bright blue, red and yellow colours on the walls and ceiling of the ground floor frames a white rectangle that was probably used to contain a screen for film projections. A miraculous discovery, an extraordinary preservation thanks to the complicity of covers, false ceilings and wallpaper, boiseries and layers of painting successive.


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