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Kindness, a virtue almost disappeared is remembered on November 13

It costs little or nothing to be polite about others, but everything changes. The small gestures and the carineries are a source of happiness that the world needs so much. These are the reasons why November 13 is the World Day of Kindness that was established in Japan in 1997 on the occasion of the Japan Small Kindness Movement and since 1998 is observed and appreciated by Canada, Japan, Australia, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, since 2009 by Italy, India and Singapore and since 2010 by Great Britain.

A symbolic day not to forget something that makes us more beautiful without aesthetic medicine interventions. Yes, kindness is one of the fundamental elements to be happy and be surrounded by happy people. A time imposed in the canons of “knowing how to live” has slowly been reduced to a small light that expands slightly in stop-and-go mode according to the needs of the moment.
Small everyday gestures, a thank you or a please, give up your seat on the bus or help someone in trouble, prepare your coffee in the morning or leave a chocolate on the bedside table, in the end it becomes a continuous positive stimulus useful to shake off the ugliness that like a black veil darken our lives, suffocating their beauty. “Facts you were not to live like brutes but to follow virtues and knowledge”, so Dante in his Inferno already gave us useful indications for a good life.

Just imagine how many things could change in the relationships of couple, family and work, how much harmony could be created with a smile or a “I do it”. Kindness is an ancient thing but it is the recipe for the future

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