Tasty Meetings with I Love Oyster

The precious oysters of I love Ostrica, a reference point in Italy for luxury fish, and the wines of three of the five estates of Cusumano, one of the main Sicilian producers, are the protagonists of “Incontri Sapidi”, the special edition available at home through the website www.iloveostrica.it.

The special edition “Incontri Sapidi” offers three precious oysters for tasting combined with as many refined Cusumano wines. The oysters chosen are the Princesse de Setúbal, the Prestige Des Mers and the Fine de Claire, all selected (and in the case of the latter also produced) by Cédric Roy de Lamaison, oyster farmer for four generations, among the greatest oyster breeders and breeders, from La Tremblade, one of the oyster capitals of Nouvelle Aquitaine, near Bordeaux. They have been paired by I Love Ostrica sommelier Davide Rossetti with three wines obtained from vineyards owned by Cusumano in three territories: Tenuta Ficuzza, in the Ficuzza forest, 700 meters above sea level, Tenuta di Monte Pietroso, 500 meters near the sea, the ideal place to raise a complex and elegant cricket and Tenuta San Carlo, in Partinico, an area that has similar characteristics to those where in the mid-nineteenth century was raised the White Muscat.

From today it is possible to propose an aperitif inspired by the combination of the three selected oysters with the Cusumano labels of the special edition “Incontri Sapidi” in the privacy of one’s own home, or to imagine a dinner based on fish and crudités also prepared by a chef at home, or to organise a party in a special location: all this through the website www.IloveOstrica.it where oysters, seafood, caviar and fish of the highest quality are on sale, in combination with a selection of great Italian and international wines personally selected by the entrepreneur from Bergamo Luca Nicoli, creator of this innovative project for individuals and companies.

The special edition “Incontri Sapidi” includes:

the oyster Prestige d’Irlande, bred in Ireland in the cold ocean waters of Donegal Bay. Apparently wild with heterogeneous shapes, ebony coloured shell, it reveals to the nose a light salty bouquet and to the taste an immediate sweetness, referring to the perfect contrast of salted butter caramel. To enhance its character, “700” was chosen, a Classical Mountain Method Brut, obtained from vineyards located at 700 meters above sea level on the clayey soils of the Tenuta Ficuzza. The result is a classic method sparkling wine that cradles the meatiness of the Prestige d’Irlande, preparing the mouth for the next taste.
The Prestige des Mers, shaped by the tides of Utah beach, has a white shell smoothed by the oceanic foam and a shell structure reminiscent of pearls and laces. Although the oyster is small in size, the producer’s hands have allowed it to develop a deep mother-of-pearl cradle for its fruit. When opened, it reveals an aroma of chives, characteristic of the eastern exposure of the Cotentin peninsula, while when tasted it pervades with a marked sweetness and great taste-olfactory consistency, finally giving the taste of winged grasses. Much loved, it reveals the best of itself in contrast to the flavor of Shamaris, a 100% hillside cricket and at the same time marine, thanks to the north wind that brings the Mediterranean between the rows of vineyards of Monte Pietroso. The flavour of this wine, enriched by the sea breezes, completes the herbaceous notes typical of the beaches of Utah Beach and gives the sweet and crisp Prestige des Mers a balanced and satisfying persistence.
The Fine de Claire, raised in the district of Marennes-Oléron, the most important oyster production site in France. Known all over the world, it has a typical terroir flavour obtained after a refinement of about four weeks in clay basins fed with sea water. Over the centuries, oyster farmers in the region have artfully developed oyster farming using the Claires, small concave basins dug out of the clay to refine their oysters and to complete their growth. The combination of fresh and salt water and the nature of the nutrients give rise to the differences in colour and taste typical of this family of oysters. In combination, the Moscato dello Zucco, a 100% white moscato, which dates back to the nineteenth century, when Henri d’Orléans, Duke of Aumale, produced it between Partinico and Terrasini. Like a fragment of amber that preserves the past, Moscato dello Zucco is a real specialty of which only a few numbered bottles are produced in Tenuta San Carlo. Its sweetness dominates the flavor of Fine de Claire, while the nuances of nuts of the oyster complete its candied notes.
All specialties that you can also taste at home, by scheduling an order through the e-commerce of I love Ostrica that makes deliveries from Tuesday to Friday, three days in advance so as to always ensure the maximum freshness of all products.


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