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Anemone: a jewel of great impact

There are many varieties of anemones, but three of them are a must in the garden: the oriental anemone (mild anemone), the forest anemone (nemorosa anemone) and the yellow anemone (ranunculoides anemone). These cheerful 4-5 cm daisy-like flowers shine in all their glory. They are perfect as soil covers and are available in white, pink, blue and yellow. If you take a walk in the woods in the spring you may notice large spots of color, which are likely to be formed by wild anemones.

The anemone is a perfect plant for the garden. If you plant them now you can enjoy their beauty for a long time, in March and throughout the month of April. For a surprising result you can plant them in small groups. The reward will be a wonderful carpet of flowers. But there’s more, as these enchanting jewels of nature are suitable for wildlife, every year they bloom again, spreading and widening the carpet of flowers more and more. Not a bad performance.

Curiosities about anemones
The oriental anemones and the (yellow) anemones of the woods belong to the same family as the equally festive buttercups.
After flowering, the plants retreat completely and peep out of the ground again in early spring.
These lively spring flowering plants reach a height of 15-20 centimetres.
Anemones have different types of flowers, such as double flowers, single flowers and particularly large flowers.
The flowers are oriented towards the sun to receive as much spring heat as possible.
The best known oriental anemone is the mild anemone “Blue Shades”. The name is not random, in fact the flowers are colored in a magnificent blue.


resource: IBulb

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