Ellementi, the Made in Italy that enhances the imperfections of the female body

Milan – The panorama of upcoming brands is enriched with the arrival of a new brand that aims to create tailored clothes that can enhance the imperfections of the female body.

With this precise intent in mind was born EllemenTi, the brand created by Lisa Tigano, talented and young designer, who with creativity and determination creates collections of clothes studied in detail and totally “made in Italy”.

The name of the brand is a perfect union of the designer’s initials, ELLE and TI, and the word “mind” to emphasize the fact that all the creations signed EllemenTI originate from a very accurate and meticulous study of the different characteristics of the female body. Following the analysis, it is possible to discover that all women always tend to hide their body defects through the choice of clothes, used as a refuge.

EllemenTi tries to satisfy this need with its collections, especially through the creation of refined garments in order to hide the parts of the body that most want to cover and bring out those that most want to show: “bringing out what is inside.

In her “menteria”, a term coined by Lisa Tigano to indicate the place where her mind works to generate her garments, the designer has created a new F|W 18_19 collection with the unusual title “Transparently coppered hiding place”, which follows EllemenTi’s philosophy: to show the strong points of the female body, to hide the most critical ones. The reference to copper, the metal favoured by Lisa and suggested directly by the world of hardware, is intended to highlight the different preciousness of a metal and consequently of every woman.

The collection is composed of twenty garments, which create a color card that develops between white, blue, forest green and gray. The fabrics used are 100% natural with the opposition of PVC, eco fur and padding doubled with cashmere and viscose.

The volumes of the collection are large, but with the desire to highlight the right feminine points, thus resulting in soft and comfortable.

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