On display the restored fresco of the Roman villa of Settefinestre

The restoration of the fresco of the Roman villa of Settefinestre was carried out as part of the FAI project “Puntiamo i Riflettori”, started some years ago, in collaboration with the City of Orbetello and the Superintendence of Archaeology of Tuscany. The fresco was recently restored by restorers Eugenie Knight, Gabriella Gaggi and Lidia Rissotto in the former Polveriera Guzman made available by the Mayor of Orbetello.

The exhibition entitled “The FAI Maremma Group for Seven Windows: the recovery of a fresco. Details of the interiors between the Roman villa and the city of Cosa” curated by the Superintendence of Archaeology for Tuscany, the Group FAI Maremma, creator and sponsor of the restoration, the Polo Museale toscano in the role of co-organizer of the event and thanks to the valuable support of the City of Orbetello, back to draw attention to the villa of Settefinestre, inserted in the historical landscape that developed near the Latin colony of Cosa, in an area called Valle d’Oro, straddling the current municipalities of Orbetello and Capalbio.

In addition to the fresco, which comes from the excavations conducted by Andrea Carandini at the end of the 70s and that, after the exhibition “The Romanization of Etruria” in 1985, was no longer visible, the exhibition illustrates some details of the interior decorations of the buildings through a path of visit that develops between the Guzman Powder Room in Orbetello and the Archaeological Museum of Cosa in Ansedonia. To understand the wealth of evidence of this area have been involved in the exhibition some of the protagonists of archaeological research still in progress: the University of Florence, Siena and Pisa, the Archaeological Museum and Art of Maremma Grosseto. In the audio guides present in the exhibition (START srl) you will also hear an interview with Andrea Carandini, archaeologist and discoverer of Seven Windows and current President of the Italian Environmental Fund FAI.

The opening of the exhibition will be Saturday, September 15 at 17.00 at the former Guzman Powder Room in Orbetello and then, from 19.00, to Cosa-Ansedonia, where it will also be presented the recent restoration of a portion of the fresco of the House of Diana a Cosa.

The times of the temporary exhibition (15 September – 15 November 2018), at the former Guzman Powder Room in Orbetello will be on Thursdays and Fridays from 10.00 to 13.00, while on Saturdays and Sundays the exhibition will be open in the afternoon, from 16.00 to 19.00.

The site of Cosa will be open every day, from Monday to Sunday included, with summer time (until September 30) from 10.00 to 19.00 and winter time (from October 1) from 8.00 to 17.00.


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