Goblets of Stars at the Roman Castles

Italy – Arrival at Marino Calici di Stelle, the most awaited event of the summer for wine lovers! For evenings around the night of San Lorenzo is staged the formula, now traditional, Movimento Turismo del Vino, City of Wine and Association of Wine Municipalities of Italy, which is expressed in appointments that combine the philosophy of good drink the magic of art and music under the stars.

The collaboration between the City of Marino CastelliExperience, the Manacubba Cultural Association and the Tuscolana Association of Astronomy “Livio Gratton” will see a wide range of wine and cultural offer in the evenings of 9 and 10 August 2018: tasting stations of wines from castles and Lazio, an artistic journey with installations and musical performances and astronomical observations.

“It is with great interest that the Municipal Administration intends to strengthen its commitment more and more in the enhancement of the protection of the peculiarities of wine”, declares the Councillor Ada Santamaita to the productive activities of the Municipality of Marino, “deciding to launch concrete initiatives that constitute a sure resource of economic, cultural and tourist value. The objective is to strengthen the message “wine-territory” for the development and promotion of the territory of Marino”.

Of course, the protagonist of the event is wine, with guided tastings that will be held on both evenings from 19:00, with guided thematic insights.

At 20.00, a cultural walk, in collaboration with the “Alban Hills” section of the Archeoclub, will show us underground, archaeological finds and wine equipment the face and history of this wonderful village of the Castelli Romani.

Not to be missed are the musical performances scheduled for the two evenings: at 9:30 pm on 9 August Francesca Trenta will perform “I passi della tradizione” and MeRitmiRì Meridione rhythms and rituals, in a show of music and folk dance inspired by the journey of the Castelli Romani wine on the traditional wine cart; while 10 August will see the stage animated by voices and stories related to poetry and literature, in the wine performance Words Wine Blues curated by Enrico Lopez and Marco Caracci.

Art, which has always been connected with the world of wine, will be expressed in the presence of the two young Vinarellists Giorgio Masi and Barbara Ruggeri, who will be showing their painting technique live to enthusiasts and curious people, with the classic palette of colours being substituted by wine. The artistic itinerary will be enriched by the exhibition of the portraits narrating “Vite a Rendere” of the Archivio Travaso di Cultura by Simona Soprano and Maurizio Taglioni, which rework and synthesize the traditions that link the vine and wine to the life stories of our Castelli Romani.

Both evenings will end with the observation of the celestial vault, from 21.30 to 24.00, by the Tuscolana Association of Astronomy “Livio Gratton” (ATA), actively engaged for over 20 years in the field of promotion and dissemination of scientific culture in the territory of the Roman Castles and the southern province of Rome.

Under the guidance of the Association’s expert operators, the public will be able to observe all the wonders of the night sky with the naked eye and telescopes, to grasp details otherwise invisible.

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