Rome. Caracalla: dream of a late summer night

Rome. At the Baths of Caracalla, from August 21 until October 2, every Tuesday and Friday evening with guided tours, there will be the most beautiful night walks of ancient Rome.

Groups of up to 30 participants will be able to admire the monumental vestiges lit up during the night, and descend into the underground, a maze of galleries and the beating heart of the entire building where the services that fed the thermal baths on the surface were installed. Included in the visit the mithraeum of Caracalla, the largest of those left in Rome and perfectly preserved, where you can feel all the charm of the cult of Mithras.

The 75-minute visits will begin at 7.30 p.m., with the last departure at 9 p.m. and will take place thanks to a spectacular illumination of the monument. However, during the long days of August and early September, for the first shifts of visit you can admire the baths built by the Sever emperors in the golden light of dusk. The ruins of the Caracalla Thermal Baths, which exceed 37 metres in height, still give an idea of the grandeur of the spa complex. The size of the building and the monumentality of the rooms, preserved for two floors above ground and three levels underground, allow us to imagine the splendor that the night lighting enhances. The starting point will be the central area of the monument, in the first part visits will cross the thermal environments dedicated to body care: gyms, changing rooms, the frigidarium, the tepidarium, the caldarium and the natatio, the large outdoor swimming pool. In the second part will be the turn of the underground, the large engine room of the Spa where there is set up an Antiquarium with exhibits from this extraordinary archaeological site. Moving on from the roundabout where Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Reinstated Apple is located, the visit will end at the Mitreo, where the mysterious bleeding hole is visible.

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