Extended until October 30 the exhibition “Tribute to Elia Volpi painter

Palazzo Davanzati exhibits drawings and unpublished paintings of the “father” of the Museum of the Old Florentine House

Italy – In response to the approval expressed by the public, the Museums of the Bargello have extended until October 30, 2018 the exhibition Tribute to Elia Volpi painter, which can be visited in the Museum of Palazzo Davanzati.

The exhibition, set up in the loggia at the entrance of the Palazzo in Via di Porta Rossa 13 in Florence, and which was scheduled to close at the beginning of August, will continue to welcome visitors, introducing them to the museum for the rest of the summer and the beginning of the autumn season.

It is an original visual narration of the multifaceted figure of Elia Volpi, considered the father of the Museum of Palazzo Davanzati, presented in his most intimate and least known as a painter.

Elia Volpi is known above all as an enterprising collector and antiquarian who had the intuition to restore the ancient Davanzati Palace to transform it, in 1910, into a private museum furnished in the style of a Florentine house between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In the life of Volpi, however, there are some testimonies of a less known period: after his youth training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, in fact, he also tried his hand at a personal figurative artistic production.

This phase is little known but no less important to give an all-round vision of this complex personality. The exhibition traces his training and youth activity (from the early seventies to the early nineties of the nineteenth century) through the exhibition of paintings and drawings, mostly unpublished, arrived at the museum thanks to donations, and some works from private collections.

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Among the works on display are: the sketch, alongside the period photo, of the refined fan painted for Queen Margaret in 1885; the fascinating Portrait of Pia Lori, Volpi’s future wife, dating back to around 1890; the Portrait of a Maiden from 1885, used as a representative image of the Exhibition, which stands out for its great modernity and other evocative canvases by young Volpi such as The Wrong Vocation and The Showcase of the Crossbows (1886).

On display also a multimedia section and a video, entitled Elia Volpi in the quiet of Villa di Celle; the film presented for the first time, contains footage shot at different times and places introducing us in some moments of the private life of Elijah and his large family in the late twenties of the twentieth century.

The exhibition, set up in the atrium of Palazzo Davanzati, was designed and curated by Brunella Teodori in collaboration with Daniele Rapino and coordinated by Paola D’Agostino, director of the Bargello Museums. The exhibition will be open until October 30 and will enrich the offer for those who want to greet the last part of the summer and welcome the autumn season from the rooms of this beautiful Florentine house-museum.

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