The real Gioconda would be from Milan

The face of the Mona Lisa does not represent any woman. Fleeing the arrival of the French in Milan, Leonardo found himself with a portrait that he could no longer give to the client and modified it during the course of work. And the face of the real woman is invisible, because hidden under the Mona Lisa of the Louvre: it is a Milanese woman, Bianca Giovanna Sforza, the eldest daughter of Ludovico il Moro. The thesis is supported by Carla Glori who after a patient and thorough research, has put together the pieces of a real puzzle retracing the genesis and history of this portrait, also coming to identify the landscape painted in the background by Leonardo.
From the studies of Carla Glori it would seem that originally the Mona Lisa was the wedding portrait of Bianca Sforza, lady of Voghera (whose name according to an act of 1489 was Giovanna). Leonardo probably began painting it in Milan in 1496 on a double commission from Moro (with a copy destined for his husband Galeazzo Sanseverino). That wedding portrait, which was not handed over, remained in the hands of the master because of the mysterious death of the young woman in November of the same year, five months after her marriage.


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