The Capsule Collection di Emanuela Biffoli

The history of the Biffoli Group, born in Florence in 1955, today in its second and third generation, leader in perfumery, for the accessories sector, is a story of successful generational transfers.

The company, constantly investing in creativity and style, has created collections of accessories, made to be worn with vanity and pride, thanks to the beauty and originality of an Italian taste that distinguishes them.

For Emanuela Biffoli, the careful selection of producers abroad and the constant quality control of every single piece, is a strategic choice that looks carefully at the needs of the markets and allows you to be present in the territory with glamorous products at very reasonable prices.

But the Emanuela Biffoli brand is also present in the large perfumery chains, thanks to projects for personalised collections. Today the Florentine company launches a new challenge to position itself in the segment of accessible luxury with a Capsule Collection of bags and briefs extremely refined, to wear and bring even in formal situations. Leitmotiv of the collection is an original floral ensemble, in different shades, applied by hand.

A natural step for the brand that has been evolving for some time in this direction to face international markets with a product that combines Italian creativity and low prices.


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