The masterpieces of 18th century Venetian engravers on display in Milan

Milano, Novegro – One of the most curious and original collections on the market, the one dedicated to the ‘700 Venetian, which you can admire in Byblos 2.0 on 15 and 16 September in Milan (Parco Esposizioni Novegro), exhibition of the ancient book market and the ‘900.

The exhibition, curated by the Lux in Art studio of Verona and consisting of about 150 original engravings, unfolds along an exhibition path that touches four thematic sections: the popular prints, the Venetian masters, the Venetian masters and Venice, capturing this century so flourishing for the lagoon artists, not only the most pictorial aspects of the city, but also the life of the living rooms and streets. The target? Unveiling the secrets of more than a century of engraving art, a century for extraordinary Venetian culture and perhaps only surpassed by the 500, in which intense publishing activity intersects with literary novelties and revisitation of the classics, scientific-geographical discoveries and historical research and in which, in general, had never been so close the relationship between artistic production and teaching.

The protagonists of the exhibition are the copper etchings of skilled Venetian artists, the creators of masterpieces of illustrated publishing that reached its maximum splendour in the Veneto region.

Among these, the most important and beautiful is the Cuccagna di Remondini Weighbridge (about 1760): mountains of cheese, volcanoes erupting macaroni and lasagna, lakes of melted butter and, all around, seas, mountains and rivers offering delicious food and wines. Crowning the image with a brushed coloured burin is the inscription “Discritione del Paese di Chucagna, dove chi manco lavora più guadagn” (Discrition of the Country of Chucagna, where those who lack work earn more) to tell the story of the myth, of Deameronian origin, of this universe overturned by dreams and evasion, where existence knows no duties, vices replace virtues and hedonism becomes law. This is the essence of one of the most famous popular prints of the artist from Bassano, a splendid satire of human society.

An unmissable tribute is also paid to Canaletto on the 250th anniversary of his death, which highlights the prints of the brilliant Venetian artist, as a corollary and completion of the great exhibitions that in 2018 recalled and celebrated him as a figure and a work.

In addition, you can admire works by Innocente Alessandri, Antonio Canal, Giovanni Volpato and the elegant scenes of bucolic life engraved by Giuseppe Wagner.

The exhibition will be inaugurated by the curator M° Ermanno Bertelli together with the expert Enrico Cortona and other personalities in the field Saturday, September 15 at 11:30 am, for the occasion there will also be an off-topic: a piano introduction to demonstrate how the language of books has always spoken to music.

The exhibition will be hosted by Byblos 2.0, the exhibition of ancient and twentieth-century books, period prints and stationery loved by collectors and bibliophiles and very popular with the curious who, with over 40 exhibitors from Italy and abroad, offers a commercial proposal of quality: manuscripts, incunabula, fine volumes, ancient maps, maps and prints, autographs, magazines, photographs and ephemera of all kinds.

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