5-star luxury imperial Rome

The Romantik Hotel The Inn at the Roman Forum is a 5-star luxury hotel overlooking Rome’s Imperial Forum and houses an original 50 B.C. crypt portico, an exclusive place for guests.

A terrace overlooking the Imperial Forums in the heart of the Eternal City lets your gaze wander through the ancient wonders of historic Rome. But the uniqueness of the Romantik Hotel The Inn at the Roman Forum, the new prestigious 5-star Italian pearl of Romantik Hotels & Restaurants cooperation, as well as its central location – just a stone’s throw from the Colosseum, the Campidoglio, Piazza Venezia, the Church of Santa Maria ai Monti, the Basilica of San Pietro in Vincoli, the Domus Aurea – lies in the rare treasures it holds.

As soon as you enter this elegant historic building of the twelfth century, you will discover that it was built on original Roman ruins dating back to 2 thousand years ago, whose beauty you can still admire today by letting yourself be guided through the galleries of the Cryptoportico, preserved and enhanced in the hotel. It was built in the Roman period of the VI Regio Augustea – from 50 B.C. to 14 A.D. – with two galleries with arcades and colonnades to divide the Imperial Forums and the Suburra district, at the time one of the most populated areas of the city. It was brought to light in 1887 and today you can walk through its upper galleries and stop to observe the remains of frescoes and stuccoes on the architrave above the columns. A truly charming and unique place for guests of the Romantik Hotel The Inn at The Roman Forum, where they can stop to sip a drink, accompanied by the hotel staff who reveals its history and events. The structure also houses another special place: the hanging garden on the inside of the house. It is located on the fourth floor and is a natural living room where olive trees, lemon, oranges, cherry trees grow.

The access is reserved to the two rooms adjacent to the garden, whose guests enter through entrances adorned with bunches of grapes. The rooms and suites at Romantik Hotel The Inn at The Roman Forum are all very elegant and different from each other, enriched with elements of modern design. Among these, there are the Superiors between 15 and 18 square meters, refined and with marble bathrooms, the Deluxe, larger with Jacuzzi and some with fireplace, the Exclusive Floor, a private floor consisting of 3 separate communicating rooms (an executive room, deluxe and a Superior room), each with its own private bathroom and private entrance, the Junior Suites and Rooftop Garden Suites overlooking the beautiful roof garden. In the morning the breakfast buffet, full of artisan sweets and salty appetizers – the specialty of the house is the tiramisu – is served outdoors in the sophisticated lounge, in the afternoon drinks and drinks are served and the aperitif buffet on the terrace, to enjoy from an exclusive point of view the archaeological and imperial Rome from above, with the comforts of a luxury hotel. A unique place for a holiday immersed in the scenery of ancient Rome, which not only surrounds the structure located along the end of the street of the beautiful Imperial Forums, but whose monuments are also located inside. Small pets are welcome. The price is from 200 euros per room per night.

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