A journey in the taste of the Lombardy valleys

Italy – Spicy Gorgonzola foam and coconut flakes, Alpe fatty panzerotto, spelt soup, Cremiziola and potatoes in bread crust, are just some of the dishes that you can enjoy Friday, June 29, starting at 20:30, at La Formaggeria Carozzi di Pasturo (LC). The appointment is in fact with a new evening of tasting, this time dedicated to lovers of cheese and good wine, with a selection of the inevitable cheeses DOP vaccines and goats and Nebbiolo of the cellar of Nino Negri. Four courses that will enchant even the finest palates, thanks to the skilful combinations of food and wine, the latter made a protagonist thanks to the winery Nino Negri, Valtellina excellence that, for the occasion will be away in Valsassina in the name of taste.

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