Music Festival 2018: a “hymn to joy”

Italy – On the day of the summer solstice, the long-awaited Festa della Musica 2018 is back all over Italy: more than 9,000 musicians will animate the squares and streets, palaces and museums, skies and stations, centres and suburbs, hospitals and prisons of over 600 cities throughout Italy on Thursday 21 June. From jazz to soul, from chamber music to heavy metal, from classical to rock, from drum and bass to baroque music in costume, thousands of events will warm the stages of our cities for a party that represents a real Hymn to Joy, on the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

“This year’s Festa della Musica will also bring culture to many suburbs, touching on districts such as Zen 2 in Palermo, Tor Bella Monaca and Ponte di Nona in Rome, Sestri Ponente in Genoa, the Sanità district of Naples and many others. We need to bring art, music and culture back to our suburbs, so that they can be a stimulus for integration and human growth. This event will also be a great celebration dedicated especially to young people, their extraordinary talent and creativity. The squares, institutions, museums and cultural centres will be involved in a capillary way to convey the message of participation that only music can give. I would like to thank all those who have dedicated their time and worked on this event”. So was the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Alberto Bonisoli.

From the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari to the Royal Palace of Caserta, from the National Central Library of Florence to the Archaeological Park of Paestum, from the Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia in Rome to the State Archive of Venice, up to the Museum of Capodimonte in Naples: over 40 places of culture of MiBACT will host exceptionally as many musical initiatives ranging from the choir to the dj-set, from classical music to rock, up to the spreading thread. Music will also be the protagonist in hospitals, conservatories, libraries, 25 recruitment/circumscription houses and more than 100 choirs distributed throughout the country. Moreover, thanks to the usual partnership between Carrefour and “Festa della Musica”, over 240 Carrefours will become a real stage and meeting place. Also this year the music arrives in the suburbs thanks to the 14 Light Points of Save the Children that will host concerts, events and performances, in particular in Naples (Sanità, Barra and Chiaiano), Milan (Giambellino and Quartoggiaro), Rome (Ponte di Nona) and Palermo (Zen 2). And Palermo itself, the Italian Capital of Culture 2018 which – as per tradition – on Saturday 16 June inaugurates with “A Thousand Young People for the Music Festival” a preview of concerts and events.


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