A summer of art in the cities of the Marche

Italy, Marche  – The cultural programme of summer 2018 promoted by the Marche Region is very rich, also through the exhibition project “Showing the Marche”. An unmissable route and a real tour in search of beauty born with the intent to enhance and promote the rediscovery of its historical and artistic heritage and the many places permeated with beauty that make the cultural offer of the Region considerable.

Ascoli Piceno, Fermo and Matelica host three major exhibitions. It starts with “Cola dell’Amatrice. Between Pinturicchio and Raphael” at the Pinacoteca Civica in Ascoli, where you can also visit the important permanent collection of the Museum. Curated by Stefano Papetti and Luca Pezzuto, the exhibition brings important documents of Cola dell’Amatrice to Ascoli for the first time and brings together more than sixty works from prestigious venues that all together give an exhaustive vision of the value of the artist flanked by works by Raphael, Pinturicchio, Perugino, Crivelli, Luca Signorelli, Pietro Vannini, Filippino Lippi. A unique event due to the Master of the Renaissance, whose great artistic and cultural value is being rediscovered in recent years. For the first time, the notebook of drawings by Cola dell’Amatrice is exhibited, among which her studies on Luca Pacioli, Leonardo, her reflections on the room of the Signatura and, therefore, on Raphael.

From Ascoli to Fermo we continue with the beauty of the places and with the exhibition “Il Quattrocento a Fermo. Tradition and Avant-garde, from Nicola di Ulisse to the Crivelli”, curated by Alessandro Marchi with Giulia Spina and composed of many masterpieces such as the Polyptych of St. Eutitius by Nicola di Ulisse da Siena, the Risen Christ always by Nicola di Ulisse, the Madonna in Humility with St. Catherine, Crucifixion, a painting of great value by Andrea Delitio, the Polyptych of Massa Fermana by Carlo Crivelli, which is the first work in the Marche by the Venetian artist to which the exhibition dedicates a considerable section along with some works by his brother Vittore Crivelli. Among the objects of fifteenth-century art on display, such as jewelry or fabrics is a group of ceramic works: mugs and plates of the Officina ‘Sforzesca’ in Pesaro in the second half of the fifteenth century, including a precious mug with a woman’s face in relief, a mug with decoration to the Gothic leaf called ‘foil’, and a third mug with painted coat of arms.

In Matelica the city opens its cultural window with the extraordinary exhibition on the “Thousand-two hundred. Figurative civilization between Marche and Umbria at sunset of the Romanesque”, curated by Fulvio Cervini. A precious exhibition for the rarity of the period it presents, the Middle Ages, with some absolute masterpieces, such as the imposing and monumental wooden Crucifixes. An exhibition that tells, in his path through sculpture, painting and precious objects, because around 1200, between Umbria and Marche, the figurative language is transformed so significantly towards a naturalism of great plastic power, and the art guide becomes the polychrome wood sculpture.

The project “Show the Marches” is an opportunity not to be missed to visit the Marche Region, learn about its great historical and artistic heritage and visit some of the most beautiful cities in Italy and, above all, to contribute with their presence to the project of rebirth of places that were affected by the earthquake of 2016 and through the initiatives of “Show the Marches” mark an important path of rebirth.

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