Care of the look … to the sound of dollars

They express personality, help shape the shape of the face, make the look deeper and give an unmistakable charm: we are talking about eyebrows, a ‘detail’ for which the celebs seem to spend unparalleled sums. It’s really the case to say that their beauty is worth a capital: the American actress Jennifer Aniston has declared to spend 500 dollars a week just for the care of her eyebrow arch, while the former Spice Girl Victoria Bechkam exceeds 1635 dollars a quarter to cure the eye. “These figures are quite important but on the agenda in the United States,” says Claudia Milia, an expert on the eyes and founder of Plumes, the first Italian chain of ateliers dedicated exclusively to the care and beauty of eyelashes and eyebrows, present in Milan and Rome.

In the opinion of the expert, 10 stars dictate the law on eyebrows. Here is the ranking of the trendiest ever:

Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber: the similarity between mother and daughter is really impressive and can also be seen from the eyebrows that both carry thick, thick and well cared for. “I followed the advice of my mother who has always suggested that I do not touch them,” said Kaia Gerber several times, who now walks the catwalks of the greatest designers, following in the footsteps of her mythological mother.

Delevigne: British actress and super model, she was the first to have cleared thick, full and defined eyebrows, “In other words, ‘character'”, according to Claudia Milia.
Victoria Beckham: the English designer at the head of the homonymous Maison is well known for her impeccable style and her crazy expenses, not only in terms of beauty. “She has curated but not over-defined eyebrows, with a scratchy and sometimes disheveled style, which give her a very natural look.

Meghan Marckle: the new Duchess of Windsor couldn’t have been absent from the standings, who on the very occasion of her wedding “even relied on massages and mindfullness to eliminate signs of tension from her face and obtain a lifting effect from her eyebrows”, Milia points out.
Jennifer Aniston: American actress, director and film producer, brings eyebrows in a very sober style and with a thick arch. He seems to invest hundreds of euros a year to treat them.

Rihanna: Since 2000, her eyebrows have undergone a transformation, from subtle and with an indefinite nuance, they have become darker and more marked, “thus also filling the shape of her face and making her look even more bewitching,” Milia emphasizes.
Angelina Jolie: the actress who won two Oscars, three Golden Globes, three Screen Actors Guild and a Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, “Fascinating eyes, fleshy lips and transgressive tattoos, the American super star always fascinates with her green-blue eyes and her perfect eyebrows, at last! Let’s remember that the Jolie had a past with rather thin and insignificant eyebrows.
Gwen Stefani: always in contrast to the platinum of her hair, but over the years she has certainly taken more care of it by accentuating the arch and making her look more intense.
Kim Kardashian: “His eyebrow is squared, shaded, super elongated and heavily defined by correctors and illuminants, perfectly painted above the eye.

Jennifer Lopez: American singer-songwriter, actress, dancer, entrepreneur and film producer, better known by the nickname of J. Lo, “In the past she wore dark, long and thin eyebrows, today instead lighter, shorter and thicker, which definitely do justice to the eastern cut of her eyes”, concludes the ranking Claudia Milia.
“Not only stars and celebrities, every woman can and should strive to have her look always at the top. sometimes it takes little, but that little can make a real difference, and eyebrows, more than anything, are the key to this change,” according to Plumes’ founder.

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