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A bathroom inspired by your favorite movie

Each of them has their own film! Everyone has been bewitched by the big screen at least once in their lives and said, “This is my favourite film!, the first digital platform of services for consumers in the field of plumbing and bathroom furniture, has drawn up a list of tips for furnishing the bathroom inspired by his favorite film, from Pretty Woman to 007, up to Harry Potter and the Devil Veste Prada passing by Breakfast at Tiffany, Grease, Eat Pray Love and for the most daring 9 ½ Weeks, to find even within the home a little ‘of the magic of the big screen.

PRETTY WOMAN – The fairytale bathroom

“What do you want?
I want a fairy tale”

The timeless love affair between Richard Gere and Julia Roberts is certainly one of the tales that has remained most imprinted in the collective imagination. If this is your favorite movie you are undoubtedly a romantic person, dreamer with a great deal of confidence in others. The bathroom inspired by Pretty Woman is a spacious room with soft colours, lots of natural light and large mirrors. A bathtub in the middle of the room in which you can listen to music while you enjoy a relaxing bath waiting for Prince Charming to come and take us on his limousine!

007 – The bathroom for real men
“My name is Bond, James Bond”.

“My name is Bond, James Bond”: cult phrase, unchanged from Agent 007 License to kill Spectre, still among the most repeated and loved in the history of cinema. If among your favorite movies there is the saga of the most charming secret agent on the big screen, you are undoubtedly people who care about aesthetics, elegant and full of charm. The 007 inspired bathroom is dedicated to masculine elegance. In minimal style played on the tones of black and white is a spacious and comfortable bathroom precise and orderly where you can enjoy relaxation after a long day spent saving the world! And if someone dares to put

The Devil Dresses Prada – The fashion bathroom

“Don’t be ridiculous, Andrea! Everyone wants this life. Everyone wants to be us”.

Fashion, fashion and still fashion! The extraordinary Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestley has made this film part of the imagination of millions of people. If you love the Devil Prada outfits you are definitely people with a great aesthetic sense attentive to appearances, lovers of luxury. You don’t follow fashion…you create it. The bathroom inspired by this film can only be a large room, bright and attention to detail. Precious finishes, materials such as marble and crystals and mirrors complete an environment in which you could even have a party if you wanted! And if you are perfectionists … a cerulean detail can not miss!


BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S – The romantic bathroom
“If I were to find a place in this world that would make me feel like Tiffany… I would buy the furniture and give the cat a name!

Take a cat, a croissant and the world’s most famous jewellery and join them together. The result? Breakfast at Tiffany obviously, one of the great classics of cinema that has made entire generations dream. If you like this film you certainly have a romantic spirit, sweet but also ironic. The ideal bathroom inspired by the masterpiece starring Audrey Hepburn is definitely a bright environment, played on shades of blue and gray with fine materials and a large mirror. I can not miss some Tiffany color accessories, of course because even in the bathroom have to feel like in jewelry!


HARRY POTTER – The magic bath

Will you come to see me again in my bathroom sometimes? – Mirtilla Marcontenta

Harry Potter Who doesn’t know him? The series of films inspired by the world’s most famous magician has now entered by right among the films that have made the history of cinema. And if you too continue to wait for your letter to Hogwarts, you are incurable dreamers, ready to launch you into new adventures. The bathroom dedicated to Harry Potter can only be inspired by that of a castle in shades of brown and beige, equipped with all the technological magic. An elegant environment where all the elements merge to create a unique atmosphere. You can not miss a tub in the center of the room is never there to solve the mystery hidden inside a golden egg. The ceramics rigorously white completing the room … but be careful … from the sink could always exit Mirtilla  Malcontenta!


GREASE – The bathroom shines!
“Tell me all about coconut.

n June 16, 1978, what would become a film for several generations and one of the best musical feature films in the history of cinema – Grease – made its debut in American theatres. If you too have been dazzled by Dany Zucco’s leather jacket and glitter, then you are an open, sunny person with the desire to have fun. The bathroom inspired by the musical and played by the extraordinary John Travolta and Olivia Newton John can only be colored, played on contrasts with a large shower so large that you can dance inside! A fusion of different geometric shapes that represent the diversity of the two protagonists merge to give a bathroom certainly original and of great impact. Obviously you can not miss a big mirror … to arrange the hairstyle!


9 WEEKS AND ½ – The daring bathroom
“You’re so darn charming…”.

Seduction is the watchword for a bathroom inspired by the iconic film starring a beautiful Kim Basinger and the fascinating Mickey Rourke. If this is your favourite film, you are definitely self-confident, open-minded people with a strong aesthetic sense. The bathroom inspired by 9 Weeks and ½ is definitely a spacious environment, equipped with all comforts. The dominant color is black wood walls make the environment warmer, soft light steel finishes, baroque furniture make the bathroom a place intimate but at the same time fascinating … for your evenings to 2!


Eats, prays, loves – The Zen bathroom

“If you can make some space in your mind a door opens and then you know what the universe will do? You flood and everything else doesn’t count anymore”.

Liz Gilbert has everything a modern woman can dream of: a successful husband, home and career, but like so many other women she is dissatisfied, confused and looking for what she actually wants for herself. If you are excited watching this film, it is because you too are a spiritual person who believes in the journey as a metaphor for life. The bathroom inspired by Mangia Prega Ama is harmonious, balanced and sustainable, the wooden elements blend with the ceramic ones as in a dance. A spacious crystal shower, large mirrors and a soft light make this environment the ideal place for meditation and relaxation even after a difficult day!




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