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Rosolio of Italian Bergamot for the Royal Welcome

It is called ITALICUS® the rosolio of Bergamot born from the talent of Giuseppe Gallo, one of the most famous and authoritative Italian bartenders in the world, was chosen by the luxurious Savoy Hotel in London to create the “Royal Welcome”, the cocktail to celebrate the wedding between Meghan and Harry.

The cocktail consists of gin Bombay Sapphire, Italicus Rosolio of bergamot, Champagne syrup, yuzu, bitter of peychaud and English sparkling wine. The Savoy Hotel has a long history with the British monarchy. The hotel’s American Bar has always created new cocktails to celebrate the great moments in the life of the royal family.

The history of ITALICUS® is very interesting. Present in films, art and literature, over the years the rosolio has been a bit lost and forgotten. Giuseppe Gallo has rediscovered it with a recipe that adapts to our times. The ingredients are based on typical Italian products such as Sicilian cedars and the wonderful Calabrian bergamot PGI.

The Story

The Rosolio is back in fashion so, it makes itself known in the world and rediscover in Italy. Giuseppe Gallo, a leading figure in the Italian bar industry in the United Kingdom, is the creator and founder of ITALICUS®, the new Bergamot Rosolio. After the launch between London and New York, the undisputed capitals of blended drinks, ITALICUS® is also gaining a foothold in Italy, where rosolio has a long tradition. There are traces of this already in the Renaissance at the court of Caterina de’ Medici in Florence, in the era of Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia, who alternated it with vermouth, and since 1500 in the historical local productions in Piedmont, Campania or Sicily.

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