Cannolo Festival. Santa Cristina Gela wins

The Caffè del Corso of the Biscari brothers wins for the second consecutive year the first place conquering popular jury and technical jury

Palermo (Italy) – The Biscari brothers do the encore. Also this year the best cannolo is that of the three master confectioners of Santa Cristina Gela, the small village of a thousand inhabitants in the Palermo hinterland, 30 km from the city. This is the verdict of the second edition of the Cannolo Festival, held on 26 and 27 May at the Sanlorenzo Market in Palermo.
Friable and full-bodied peel made with Mallorcan flour, ancient Sicilian soft wheat, particularly fragrant and digestible; local sheep’s ricotta, skilfully worked with little sugar; and a secret, that of rose wine in the peel mixture, which generates a sweet perfectly balanced between the flavours of the traditional recipe. These are the characteristics of the winning cannolo, which for years has been the subject of a real pilgrimage from all over Sicily to the country in the mountains.

Just behind the winning cannolo are the other excellences selected for the event: Piana degli Albanesi, the village of Palermo’s hinterland now known as “the country of cannoli”, custodian of a centuries-old tradition and recipes that still hide jealously guarded production secrets;  San Giuseppe Jato, with an original and immediately recognizable processing, the ricotta with a very intense flavor and light peels. Finally Fulgatore, who had the delicate task of representing the province of Trapani, famous for a unique style and unmistakable already in the form of the zest (more elongated and pointed), but especially in the processing of ricotta (more raw and less sieved), for true connoisseurs.

It peels more or less crumbly, hints of cocoa or coffee, raw or creamy ricotta, more or less sweet, with or without chocolate, with candied fruit or with pistachio grains: there are many variables that distinguish one cannolo from another depending on the combination of basic ingredients, but also on the use of “secret” ingredients and processes, guarded by the families of producers and handed down from generation to generation, to the point of generating real, opposed fans. For this reason, many Sicilian pastry shops have now become a place of gastronomic tourism, even miles away, by gourmets, enthusiasts, gourmands and tourists from all over the world.

During the two days, there were demonstrations, talk shows and show cooking that showed live the preparation of the cake, sharing recipes and techniques with the public, called to participate in first person in the preparation. A special lab area has seen the masters take turns to show the preparation of the cake, each according to its peculiarities, while another station has served the gluten-free cannolo for people with celiac disease. In the two editions of the event have been prepared over 7 thousand cannoli with more than 11 quintals of fresh ricotta, through the tasting routes that allowed the tasting and voting by the public.



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