Cellulite: remedies for a perfect body

The word to the aesthetic doctor Maddalena Montalbano to say goodbye to cellulite.

Eliminating cellulite is possible: having a snappy body, a compact and smooth skin, is no longer a mission impossible, trying the remedies against cellulite suggested by Dr. Maddalena Montalbano, specialist in aesthetic medicine in Milan, divided according to the 4 different manifestations of cellulite and with treatments to do at home or by the doctor. The first stage – earlier and more reversible, the oedematous one, characterized by the stagnation of interstitial liquids and by the typical signs of orange peel that can be noticed only by compressing the skin – and the second – the fibrous stage that foresees the formation of small, perfectly visible nodules – can be tackled using an active osmosis hypertonic cream that has an action of attracting the water inside to the outside. This preparation is based on sodium, chloride, potassium and Escin and may be alternated with draining products which increase the flow of microcirculation and which consist mainly of turmeric, ginger, spirulina algae and chilli peppers.
The third stage – with nodules sore to the touch, made up of already enlarged adipocytes – and the fourth – where the skin has the characteristic mattress appearance accentuated by even more voluminous nodules – must be tackled with substances with a lipolytic action, to be applied after a scrub on the skin and characterized by the presence of carnitine and synephrine from the action of lipid mobilization. These creams, applied with constancy every day, using the night hours to enhance the effects must be combined with other reducing action containing pineapple stem, horse chestnut and phosphatidylcholine which has a lipolidic action.
“The substances contained in these products favour a sort of passive gymnastics of the microcirculation in the treated area: in addition, cold creams can also be foreseen which stimulate the metabolism of the cells in which the localised lipids accumulate and induce a sort of internal movement which facilitates the disposal of the lipids”, adds Dr Montalbano.
To all this must be added a therapy by the mouth capable of assisting the microcirculation and lipolysis, taking, for example, supplements containing bromelain, Asian centella, green tea, vitamin E and bitter orange extract.
But of course these remedies are not useful if they are not combined with other synergistic measures aimed at improving the condition of the skin, such as, for example, sessions of mesotherapy to be carried out in a doctor’s office – but to be evaluated both in relation to age and the stage of cellulite reached – which include injections of hypotonic solutions and artichoke extracts while, to combat the relaxation of the epidermis, are useful extracts of silicon and hyaluronic acid. Stop the sludge instead, unless it is made at the spa or in specialized institutions: this is because the heat of the mud can not be recreated at home and is the condition for the molecules to open and perform their action.
Last but not least, physical activity always and in any case. But there is no need to sweat in the gym or to find excuses for lack of time “it is enough to walk a couple of hours at sustained pace per day, maybe the simple path to and from work to be done on foot, to see obvious improvements,” adds Dr. Montalbano.
What about diet? Absolutely purifying and free of foods that produce free radicals: then stop fried, refined sugars, sausages and excess cheese, but always add some chilli to your diet – which increases the metabolism – and prefer crustaceans, and in particular shrimp, to fish.

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