Barefoot in the house to stay lean

It seems absurd but taking off your shoes when you enter the house and replacing the carpets with a parquet floor could help your fitness because it prevents the accumulation in the house of environmental chemicals so-called ‘obesogene’ that interfere with hormones and promote the accumulation of fat in the body.

This is what the authors of a study, presented to the Congress of the European Endocrinology Society in Barcelona, say, and in the light of the results they have drawn up a series of recommendations and measures to be kept at home. Researchers from the Portuguese Universities of Aveiro and Beira have conducted a review of surveys and studies relating to these obesogenic chemicals, in order to understand the environment in which people come into contact with them most.

Well, the analysis showed that the main sources of contamination are meals, household dust, and everyday products such as chemicals for household cleaning, tableware or cosmetics. In the light of these results, the researchers have drawn up seven recommendations to minimise the presence of obesogens in the home.

First of all we recommend the choice of fresh, organic and peticide-free foods compared to industrial foods, especially those that have a long list of ingredients on the packaging, then follows the recommendation to remove the shoes on the way home to avoid bringing contaminants inside, try to eliminate or reduce chemicals in the house, often vacuum to avoid the accumulation of these chemicals contained in the dust, replace the carpets with wooden floors.

Finally, we recommend using glass or aluminium containers rather than plastic containers and avoiding synthetic cleaning products. “Adults ingest about 50 mg of dust every day, and children twice as much – explains Ana Catarina Sousa, main author of the study – so keeping the house clean is certainly a very effective measure. And use a damp cloth to dust the furniture, rather than a cleaning product that can contain many of these chemicals.


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