At table with kings and queens, magic takes place in the castles of Berlin

Berlin’s castles offer a magical atmosphere and revive the traditions of the great kings and historical figures who lived there. This year the focus is on the kitchen: discovering the magnificent banquets that were held in the luxurious dining rooms, from the fine wines kept in the cellars to the precious citrus fruits that scented the dishes up to the simple bowls, bowls and pots of the kitchen. The events that follow one another inside the castles will lead visitors to discover the customs and traditions of the noblest tables.

If you want to immerse yourself in this kingly atmosphere, you can not miss the great picnic that will be held on June 23 in the Park of the Castle of Sanssouci. The event, which is entitled “Zu Tisch! (A Table! A Place at the Royal Table), is part of the European project “A Place at the Royal Table” which includes the most prestigious museums and royal palaces in Europe (including Versailles, Rosenborg Castle, Gödöllő Royal Palace, Schönbrunn Palace, etc.) in order to work together to raise awareness about European cultural heritage, to be able to preserve it for future generations.
Every visitor will be able to enjoy a royal picnic on the beautiful garden at the foot of the Orangerie Palace, on a table set 270 meters long. All visitors need nothing more than a picnic basket full of every delicacy, to enjoy a real event accompanied by baroque music.

From the typical roast beef of the Rhine region, to spaghetti with meat sauce, from Irish stew to salad in Nice, food is the real protagonist of our lives, because it reminds us of the atmosphere of home, or awakens the memory of a particular holiday. Also in the Sanssouci Park, from May 5 to July 15, in the evocative setting of the Roman Baths, inspired by the ancient Italian villas of the fifteenth century, there will be “Tischlein deck dich! (The Wish Table), where the installations of the tables of some of the most important personalities who have made the history of Berlin’s castles will be on display. But the most important and funny thing is that every visitor can access an interactive part of the exhibition and show what can never be missing on his table: mise-en-place details, decorations and rituals, but also family recipes and stories that will be collected by the Foundation of the Castles to be shown throughout the exhibition as a real cultural heritage for future generations!

These events are part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage organised by the European Union under the motto “Sharing Heritage”, a project that includes museums, associations and foundations that preserve and make usable Europe’s cultural heritage. Food and local culinary traditions are part of this shared cultural heritage because they form bridges between different cultures.

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