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The spectacle of Calle flowers

Austera but at the same time playful, the Calla in pot is a surprisingly versatile summer-flowering bulb that gives the terrace or balcony an extraordinary look.

How does it grow so! The Calla (Zantedeschia) is a wonderful vision with its stylized flowers: modern, austere and at the same time playful. In short, it is not a common bulbous potted, but it is a real jewel to admire on the terrace or balcony.

The Calla is more versatile than you can initially imagine. Thanks to its stylized flowers, the calla lends itself perfectly to decorate a modern terrace (on the roof) or balcony. For a magnificent and contemporary effect, choose some varieties in one or two vibrant colors. You may want to combine some ornamental summer herbs, nothing more… Let the streets light up the terrace or balcony.

The Calle are available in a variety of shades ranging from pure white to intense dark purple tending towards black. In the middle are the colors of a bright summer: from bright yellow to all shades of a wonderful sunset. Imagine an intense orange, a dark red and even a shocking pink. How much beauty when two of these warm colors come together in one flower.

The flowers of the Calla attract so much attention that there is a risk of neglecting the leaves. It would be a pity, because some callas have very special leaves, dotted with white. As if someone had passed them next to them with a brush soaked in white paint and splashed them.

It ‘a plant suitable for the terrace and balcony, but gives excellent results even if placed in the ground. To get an abundant flowering, water the callas regularly and fertilize every two weeks. The richest flowering is obtained by planting the callas in a place partially in the shade. It is advisable to use vases with a hole in the bottom (to allow excess water to escape).

What is considered as the flower of the Calla is actually a colorful bract. True tiny flowers can be found on the spike hidden inside the bract. Try to observe carefully.
Calla is originally from South Africa. In this region the callas grow in places subject to both periods of rain and periods of drought. This explains why it is a very durable plant.
If you want to pick a flower to put in a pot, do not cut off the stem but extract it from the plant by pulling gently.

Source: I-Bulb.

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