Imago Deorum. Worship and Representation of Gods in Ancient Rome

Italy – The ““Imago Deorum. Culto e Rappresentazione delle Divinità nell’Antica Roma” (Imago Deorum. Worship and Representation of the Gods in Ancient Rome) conference will be held in Velletri (Rome) on 11 and 12 May at the Palazzo Comunale of the city. The initiative is promoted by the Museum of Religions “Raffaele Pettazzoni” in collaboration with the Archaeological Group Veliterno, the Latin Archaeological Group – Colli Albani “Bruno Martellotta” and the Association “Legio Secunda Parthica Severiana”.

The conference is part of the events planned for the event “Summer Wind in the Castelli Romani”, organized by the Consorzio  SBCR – Library System of the Castelli Romani and which will continue with presentations, conferences, concerts and theater reviews until early October.

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