Recovered map stolen in 2010: it is a watercolor of 1730

Excellent work done by the Carabinieri Cultural Heritage Protection who have recovered a watercolored map and manuscript of 1730 depicting the ‘Lake of Santa Maria’, stolen from the State Archives of Rome. The work, worth 20 thousand Euros, has been traced following “the monitoring of e-commerce sites”. The document, found on a website, “of a well-known antiquarian gallery of the Capital, for its value and its peculiarity has insinuated the military who, following further investigations, thanks to the help of experts in the field of archival documents, confirmed to be evidence of theft committed prior to 2010 by the State Archives of Rome,” explain the Carabinieri in a note.

The investigations also established that the ancient map had previously been purchased by the Roman antiquarian, in good faith, in an American auction house. The map has been returned and investigative activities are underway “aimed at discovering the perpetrators of the theft and subsequent export to the United States”.

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