AnimaMediterranea: the best expression of luxury

AnimaMediterranea is an Italian cultural no profit Association based in Velletri (Rome), created by a team of journalists and most authentic beauty admirers dedicated to the search of “luxury” meaning the desire to go beyond the everyday with his boring routine that surrounds itself with mediocre things and common taste banality, to enhance aestethic taste, beauty, excellent.

Anima Mediterranea aims to promote Italian and European Mediterranean basin beauties, the culture cradle, and at the same time intends to disclose craft and healthy agricultural derivation excellence so exclusive to represent luxury finest expression.
True luxury distanced itself from the industrial reality, the ephemeral world no longer pays much less important forms  configured in the folds of exhibitionism finishing as oafish-luxury.
Luckily, beauty sense and love, brings us back to the true essence, to the most valuable work to the art  to approaching nature with respect, and to the sober senses exaltation given by the most authentic uniqueness. Step back then, looking for everything that is “more real” and that represents a piece of family history, community, business, territories, art, culture. Our history.

… We accompany you on an extraordinary journey of artistic, archaeological, and natural beauty, full of unique and unparalleled flavors and products….

Art – This section contains an array of the most beautiful representations of history and of humankind’s creativity, which touch the soul. Here you will find all the expressions of art, an exhibition on genius and the search for all that provokes emotion.

Flowers-Plants – Nature has given us everything. Flowers and plants provide us with the essential substances needed for our psychophysical and aesthetic well-being, as well as providing us with the ingredients essential to our bounty of dishes. All the secrets of nature are at our disposal. Beauty is… purity.

Gourmet – Mediterranean cuisine is the most delicious in the world, and is represented by its world-class excellence. Cooking is an art that must be sustained by healthy, genuine and chemical-free ingredients, obtained through well-informed methods that have been handed down for generations. The art of agricultural food production makes for unique products that can’t be cloned or reproduced, if not for the time and place that has marked their DNA. We have selected for you the true excellence of taste and niche artisanal products.

Furniture &Objects – Our home, our office, represents us. The décor and its contents are objects that permeate an atmosphere of pleasurableness, to the point of influencing our temperament. An individual object, unique and exclusive, changes the essence of a space, offering emotions that cannot be found elsewhere. From antiques to vintage, from the excellence of hand-made to tailor-made, we offer you the most distinctive and extraordinary pieces available.

Landscapes and Territories – Rare sites within the city, glimpses of ancient villages, customs, and traditions of special places overlooking the sea below or from high altitude views above, immersed between rivers and prairies, unquestionably unique places in the world that can be experienced culturally or as a starting point for a vacation. Whatever the case, it will be the delight and amazement of so much wonder that will ultimately guide you along this Mediterranean path.

Style – No longer, fond of mass produced merchandise, and fortunately, a return to the atelier, hand-made, which combines creativity and new technology, yet still driven by a hundred-year-old tradition of offering unique “tailor-made” products.
In the birthplace of beauty, “La dolce vita” and holiday flavor, you will find items that are not only beautiful but made specifically for you.

A prestigious e-shop managed by a partner company, Vittoria Srl, will give the opportunity to buy directly from manufacturers and in complete safety.

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