Swimsuits Proof? Obsession makes you fat. And also the sense of guilt

During this period it is customary to talk and write about “swimsuit test” and there is a proliferation of more or less serious proposals for diets, from those proposed by real experts to the more “do-it-yourself”. But 52% of those who follow a diet on a discontinuous basis, say they have not had appreciable results or at least not those sought (on a panel of 150 people aged between 20 and 50 respondents with administration of a questionnaire in April 2018, survey by Andrea Pandolfi). Perhaps the most interesting aspect is that 35% admit to “feeling guilty”: for the fact of not having a “pleasant” or “desirable” body or for infringements of the rules of the diet.

“Food is now lived in a conflictual way by many people, especially women. He has thus passed into our collective unconscious from being “neutral” and bearer of life to representing a problem, closely linked precisely to a sense of guilt. Today’s society imposes models on us, it imposes them on us culturally every day, and the sense of guilt very often springs from not being able to correspond to these models. Hence a sense of inadequacy, of error – said Andrea Pandolfi, holistic consultant, one of the leading experts in the field – the notorious “swimsuit test” is, therefore, itself a reason for imbalance, we could say that it is precisely the concept of costume trial, which makes you fat, fuelling the sense of guilt, proposing diets, often excessive in view of the summer. And by often setting unattainable aesthetic goals. The “not to be deserving” has pushed us into an exasperated search for a solution through remedies of an external nature. This aspect has allowed us to build a business based on illusion, providing additional discomfort to that stressed body, with additional problems in terms of health and, above all, total renunciation of taste and pleasure. The consequence is frustration”.

“Our culture has labeled the body and covered it with shame, because it is unworthy because it is impure. This “stigma” over time has produced an altered relationship with the body itself as a producer of pleasure. Thus altering the relationship with food, in its symbolic meaning. The results are those we see, which produce on our body a series of reactions that take shape starting from a muscle contraction (reaction to the concept of shame) and a distortion of the object indicted, namely food. You want to punish and, for that, you impress pleasure. The swimsuit test, has become, the modern cilicio.” concluded Pandolfi.

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