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In July and August my surgeon doesn’t know you

Breast surgery and contouring in spring, Botox and small procedures in summer, nose surgery in autumn and laser resurfacing in winter: each season has its own range of operations that it is advisable to undergo by the plastic surgeon. Prof. Carlo Gasperoni, lecturer at the Master of Aesthetic Surgery at the Faccia Tor Vergata University in Rome, explains what they are.

Is there a right time to make up for it? Is it possible to have an additive mastoplast before your holiday? Can I have a liposuction in Spring? More and more people are wondering what is the ideal time to undergo treatments and the wise hands of a plastic surgeon. Atmospheric factors, temperature variations and external agents such as sand and salt can in fact negatively affect the intervention during a certain period of the year: therefore, it is better to rely on the advice of experts in the sector who have drawn up a vademecum to refer to when considering going “under the iron” to remodel your body.  This period, which includes the months prior to the summer, is in fact ideal for undergoing some specific treatments to prepare for the custom test, weddings and evenings in the open air: this season the interventions recommended by experts are mainly breast surgery, and minor facial surgery.

Prof. Carlo Gasperoni, professor at the Master of Aesthetic Surgery at the Tor Vergata University in Rome, explains that: “The suffocating heat and the increasing exposure to the sun, which in these months is more and more preponderant, make it inadvisable to make an important intervention on the parts of the body exposed to sunlight – explains Prof. Gasperoni – In this period therefore you can intervene with small interventions, such as the correction of the dark circles, the blepharoplasty lower or higher, or even the mini-lifting of the eyebrow and the lifting of the neck. A complete facelift is not recommended, however, as it requires a longer recovery period, making costume testing impossible without the typical side effects”.

In the middle of summer, however, between July and August, experts recommend enjoying the holidays, rather than undergoing surgery. This is because the heat and sun can exacerbate prolonged swelling or even encourage infections and post-operative bleeding. In addition, various body shaping procedures require the use of bodysuits or tights in the postoperative to aid recovery, which are not very comfortable with summer heat. Laser is also not recommended during this period because the treated areas should not be exposed to the sun for at least 6 weeks and, as with scars, tanning could make everything more evident. Experts recommend only minor procedures, such as botox or other “filler effect” procedures.

As temperatures fall in autumn, from September to the beginning of December, the situation changes and it is possible to intervene in a more important way with the reshaping of the face and nose, with the mastoplasty of the breast and with the reshaping of the other parts of the body: the success of these operations could also be favoured by the weight loss typical of the summer months, arriving ready for the Christmas festivities.

However, the ideal period to undergo any type of intervention is precisely the autumn-winter, precisely from mid-September to April. From lifting to liposuction, gynecomastia and blepharoplasty, the cooler climate promotes wound healing and allows you to hide side effects, such as bruises and swelling, under winter clothing. For example, sweaters, scarves and hats hide the effects of facial lifting, eyelid bruising, eyebrow lifting or rhinoplasty. Among the most recommended operations during the winter period are in fact the cervical-facial facelift, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, body contouring and liposuction, but also abdominoplasty and mastoplasty.


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