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Fruits and vegetables: the best allies for a perfect suntan

Tanning comes eating… the right foods! The most suitable foods are those rich in carotenoids, that is all those foods with a strong yellow, red or green color, such as tomatoes, blackberries, strawberries, cherries, peaches, melons, apricots, raspberries and carrots (the latter are essential because they not only promote tanning but fix it), and then kiwi and all citrus fruits that counteract free radicals. Eating these foods also helps to keep your skin hydrated during sun exposure and, if you use olive oil as a condiment, to keep it toned and supple.

No dry food for a lunch break at the beach or pool! It is essential to keep the skin well hydrated to combat premature aging of the epidermis.

Besides the table, melanocytes can also be helped in their work by creams, oils and lotions dermatologically tested. It is to meet these needs that the VITAMYA® line was created, skin and hair care products enriched with formulas containing cells of fruit and vegetables obtained through special extraction processes that maintain their integrity, until they come into contact with the epidermis.

Here they release the natural essential vitamins and nutrients contained in the fresh vegetables. A few examples? To prepare your skin for the sun, VITAMYA® proposes the carrot tanning preparer, the first in the top ten of the most tanning vegetables, rich in beta-carotene: an innovative spray formula rich in moisturizing active ingredients that prepare the skin for a perfect tan! And to keep the skin golden, VITAMYA® has decided to exploit the properties of mango, rich in vitamins C, E, B6, polyphenols, magnesium and iron, creating a shower gel “extension tan”.

Hair can also be damaged by exposure to the sun and saltiness. For this reason it is important to moisturize and clean them with specific products that help keep them soft and shiny. With a delicate and impalpable formula with strawberry cells the invisible protection for VITAMYA® hair, is the best friend of the hair attacked by the sun, chlorine and salt and, combined with the regenerating shampoo VITAMYA® gel, always with strawberry cells, makes the hair soft, shiny and silky.


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