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The inner world of Coralla Maiuri

“Every object thai I make, even the simplest and most immediate ones, are the representation of my inner world. The decorations on plates and accessories express the rhythm of life, tell the earth seen from the sky and the clouds seen from the sea. I use colour, silver and gold as if they were magic words, with which to describe and decline my feelings. The language I like to use is based on a primary and precious aesthetic, like a rough diamond glistens on the black earth”. Coralla Maiuri

For the Salone del Mobile 2018 Coralla Maiuri has created four new table collections – Villa Borghese, Piazza del Popolo, Vivaldi Four Seasons and Corallo – a line of mugs – Coralla’s Mugs – and one of bowls – Conic Bowls.

Villa Borghese is a rich, baroque and golden collection. Inspired by the beauty of Rome and its thousand personalities, fascinating and changeable. The Dafne and Paolina lines have an original, soft and sunny decoration. Apollo with his lapis lazuli blue is a fairytale, like an oriental memory. Caravaggio has an expressive decoration and contained by a gold border, strongly referring to classicism. Michelangelo is material and earthy as was the greatest Renaissance master. Scipione is coloured in gold and red and expresses my passion, my desire for art.

In the Vivaldi Quattro Stagioni collection spirals start from the center of the plate, dragging colored spots into their vortex. The collections refer to the succession from summer sun to cold ice, fresh flowers and dry branches. Four declinations in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter with the typical colors of the seasons.

Corallo describes the bottom of the sea seen through a lens that moves freely. The table, for a moment, becomes something else. It turns into a short but intense journey on the coral reef. Water is the sweet reference to a submerged world.

“With the two lines of Piazza del Popolo I represented and colored my feelings for this unique and contaminating place, just as Rome can be. Confetti and Blu Marble, a romantic city as only MH City can be.”

With the new families Coralla’s Mugs and Conic Bowls Coralla Maiuri has freed the desire to play with shapes, colors and nature. Small animals, flowers and lichens enrich with gold an exclusive and precious collection.


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