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Neck and décolleté, let’s see them. Remedies to keep them young at all times

Spring, it’s time to discover yourself: neck and neckline are among the first parts of the body that are “freed” from scarves and winter sweaters. But they are also two particularly sensitive areas that can most easily show signs of the passage of time. “For this season, rejuvenation treatments are dedicated to sweetness and simplicity, so mini invasive treatments that require only one session”, observes Patrizia Gilardino, aesthetic surgeon from Milan. “The neck area and the neckline area are particularly sensitive: here the skin risks becoming thinner more easily, losing tone and volume and showing wrinkles that outline both vertically and horizontally. In addition, they are areas prone to stains.

In the neck area there are essentially three problems that may arise. “We are talking about laxity, therefore a sagging of the skin; about wrinkling, due mostly to a thinning of the skin itself and the so-called “necklaces of Venus”, or the small wrinkles that go to stretch horizontally on the neck,” says Gilardino. For the neckline, the problems are similar: “There is a tendency for thinning of the skin that risks accentuating, even in this case, small wrinkles”.

The intervention techniques are different. “Focused ultrasounds are an excellent response to the laxity of the skin: they have the ability to penetrate deep into the tissue, reach the fascia of the muscles, and there release energy in the form of heat that causes cell regeneration with the production of collagen. This is the most important structural element of the leather, as it guarantees strength, resistance and elasticity”, explains Gilardino. “This is a treatment for both the neck and the décolleté that requires only one session. It has no particular contraindications and has no side effects”.

To make the skin brighter, there is also LED technology. “It is a safe technology that uses the power of light – simplifies the specialist -. The handpieces used allow you to fully exploit the beneficial properties of photobiostimulation induced by the wavelengths of the LEDs, directly in contact with the area to be treated. The effect is regenerative and, at the same time, allows you to soften the spots of the skin. Even if, in the specific cases of skin spots, pulsed light is more suitable”. As with focused ultrasound, “Leds are a painless, safe and side-effect-free technique,” says the specialist.

Punches” are also useful for the neck and neckline. In particular, “the use of calcium hydroxyapatite fillers”, Gilardino underlines. “A filler that, used in a very diluted formulation, not only has a filling effect where the skin shows more wrinkles, but also has a strong restructuring power because it in turn stimulates the production of collagen. It thus combines a stimulating action with a mechanical filling action”.

To strengthen these three treatments it is also possible to alternate sessions of biorevitalization, a treatment that helps the skin in the process of rejuvenation.

The doctor concludes: “All of these treatments require a minimum of effort and tend to involve only one session. You can see the positive effects after a few weeks. It is important that you always consult a specialist doctor.

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